Quick Bytes Video: Brand Suitability to reach the right consumers

02/01 By IAS team

In the next video of the Quick Bytes series, we help you stay up to date by bringing you a quick guide to one of the latest developments in digital advertising: Brand Suitability.

Brand Suitability is much more than avoiding ad placements alongside obviously inappropriate online content. It’s about identifying the places online that work for a brand to effectively reach the right consumers. The ability for advertisers to display ads alongside relevant context is crucial as it can have a dramatic impact on consumer perception. In recent IAS research, Ripple Effect 2.0, IAS found that 81% of consumers consider it important that ads are placed next to high quality content. Additionally, ads placed in low quality environments could cause consumers to cease using a brand’s products, with 39% of consumers stating that they would stop using brands with ads near low quality content.

This is where Brand Suitability comes in. By employing sophisticated contextual technology – that dynamically understands the nuances of context and sentiment of online content – advertisers can ensure their brands appear adjacent to content that is most relevant to their brand message or image. Brand Suitability is a game changer that lets brands choose the relevant environments for their ads; a foundational step in making lasting connections with online audiences. Advertisers now have the opportunity to reach their target audiences in a suitable context and optimise their digital media buys.

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