Impressions from IAS – Q&A with Katie Grosvenor, IAS

03/08 By Kate Grosvenor

To celebrate diversity across the digital advertising industry, Integral Ad Science is sharing the latest insight and greatest advice from our very own industry professionals, to raise awareness against bias and help take action for equality.

Next in our Impressions from IAS series, is Katie Grosvenor, head of sales, buy side, at IAS.

Tell us a bit about yourself – who you are, what do you do and how did you get here!

I’m responsible for building relationships with brands, agencies and partners across Northern Europe – helping them to extract the full value and insights from the IAS technology, to help inform their plans and media investment.

After 13 years in one business, in predominantly one discipline, I decided to pull the rug from under myself and move to a role that would not only widen my knowledge, but also give me a new perspective on some of the challenges the industry faces.

Why are days that champion inclusion & diversity, such as International Women’s Day, important to you?

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate my female colleagues, friends and family and to positively reflect on the progress towards equality we’ve made as a society.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I’ve had lots of advice, but distilling it all: be curious, be authentic, and be patient (with yourself).

What advice would you give yourself five years ago? 

A non-linear career can be as rewarding as one that moves in the same upward trajectory – success doesn’t look the same for everyone.

Who inspires you? And have you been inspired by different people at different points in your life and career? 

I’ve worked with so many inspiring people – the list is LONG. My Bloom Crew. My IAS team. During my new business days at MediaCom I got to work extraordinary talent – I was in awe most days. And my Step-Kids – I wish I’d met them sooner.

What would your message be to women who fail to support other women? 

I think positive change (at a macro level) comes from a ‘We’ not ‘Me’ mentality, and integral to that is cheerleading and supporting one another. Be a radiator to other women, celebrate their success. To quote Kalama Harris, “there is nothing more powerful than a group of determined sisters marching”.

What benefits do you feel an inclusive and diverse workforce brings to business and specifically, the technology sector? 

More interesting conversations and better solutions for our clients.

How do you feel the digital advertising industry can improve its diversity efforts? 

Key to change is ensuring ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ conversations don’t happen in echo chambers. In 2019, Bloom launched The Exchange, a cross-mentoring programme that saw male industry leaders matched with Bloom members to engage men in the conversation and collaborate in breaking down barriers. As well as that, it’s incumbent on senior leaders to hold themselves accountable in ensuring their Boards have diverse representation, that they’re hiring from a wider pool of talent and that they’re equipping their teams with the tools and training they need to succeed.

Some people may think “Well I’m not an executive, so what can I do?”. What can they do? 

Find your allies at every level. The more voices, the louder the conversation, the faster the action. 

What does innovation mean to you? 

Increased simplicity.

Do you think the subject of gender equality can ever be settled? 



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