On-Demand: IAB MeasureUp 2020 – Why Context Matters

11/04 By IAS Team

Our ANZ Country Manager Jessica Miles was a guest speaker at this year’s IAB Australia MeasureUp 2020 conference.

Her presentation, “Building resilient advertising – Why context matters” talks through a number of research pieces that IAS have run this year. Jessica touches on IAS’s Power of Context study but also draws from some other studies such as the Halo study and the IAS Ad Adjacency study which was run in response to the increasing volumes of COVID content.


Presentation Overview

“In early 2017, brand safety became the dominant topic in the digital ad world with increased scrutiny into digital advertising due to the possibility of ads appearing, adjacent to risky content, like terrorist recruitment videos or pornography. And for a while, there wasn’t much consensus on who should be responsible for addressing threats or how effective the digital marketing industry’s overall response had been.

But as we edge closer into 2021, that’s mostly changed. Marketers now frequently indicate that they are satisfied with the steps the industry has taken to address brand safety. And we’re now seeing the digital advertising landscape shift towards contextual targeting. And even though contextual targeting has been a part of the marketing mix for a while, it’s regaining interest in today’s environment. And that’s partly due to the changes in privacy regulation; consumers are becoming more protective over their online data and privacy.

We ran a recent consumer privacy survey, and it showed that seven in 10, Australian consumers have taken action to help limit data collection when they’re online. And so this change in attitude has developed alongside the increasing regulations like GDPR, or the deprecation of third party cookies by browsers. So this really brings us to the topic of today, which is context and how it can help advertisers build resilient advertising.”

To hear the remainder of Jessica’s presentation, click to watch On-Demand