IAS explores the power of context on consumer perception

In our latest research, IAS explores how context and sentiment inform consumer perception

08/27 By IAS Team

Imagine reading an article about saving and investing, then noticing an ad for an expensive car. Or making a reservation for a fancy restaurant and seeing an advertisement for financial services. You might think those ads aren’t right for you, since they’re not related to the content you’re interested in. And you’re not alone: in The Power of Context, IAS found that 70% of consumers think contextual advertising relevance — whether an ad is relevant to the content on the page — is at least somewhat important. 

The digital advertising landscape is shifting, and one thing has been made clear: context matters

Historically, IAS research has shown consumer perception of ads and brands is influenced by the quality of an environment. With advancements in machine learning and AI, content evaluation now provides insight into the sentiment conveyed by a given page. So how does sentiment influence consumers and their perception of a brand? 

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