Digital Digest: Reaching consumers through YouTube influencers

Leveraging Channel Science and YouTube influencer marketing to reach engaged consumers

10/13 By IAS Team

With stay-at-home orders and self-quarantines, consumers have spent the year searching for ways to keep themselves busy. According to YouTube, audiences have viewed more than 4 billion hours of “how-to” videos over the past 12 months alone. In fact, searches for do-it-yourself videos with “at home” in the title have seen a 700% search increase since March. As audiences spend more time watching videos, a bond is formed between the creator and the consumer. While most YouTube videos have a 15-minute time limit, verified users—or Influencers—can reach a few hours. Influencers rely on engaged viewers in order to be successful, so they create content that’s specifically curated for their audiences. By tapping into influencer marketing, brands can reach their audiences in places where they are already open and engaged.

The diamond in the rough 

User-generated videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2025. Marketers looking to make lasting connections with consumers need the control to find relevant ad environments. Channel Science, an IAS + Channel Factory partnership, provides marketers with increased efficiency by investing in media that minimizes ad waste. Brands now have the visibility needed to optimize video buys not only post-campaign but also mid-flight. With daily refreshed metrics, marketers have the ability to actively control the environment in which their video ads appear. Every advertiser deserves a bespoke brand suitability campaign strategy to tap into the environments best suited for their ads. 

Shine bright in an environment that’s just right 

U.S. consumers follow influencers because they are interested in content that helps them with their daily lives in quarantine. Interestingly, consumers with free time are even branching out into new hobbies and interests—according to YouTube, the phrase “raising chickens” increased by +160%. As consumers spend more time on the platform, so too are advertisers looking to make impressions. Looking ahead, YouTube video ad revenues are expected to reach upwards of $6.3 billion. Whether an ad appears before or during a video, Channel Science allows brands to choose where they connect with engaged audiences. YouTube provides a platform to share a variety of stories and create endless opportunities to connect with engaged audiences.

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