Video viewability: Kevin Lenane at Beet Retreat 2016

02/18 By Kevin Lenane
Woman watching and listening to video

While at the Beet Retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico, our GM of Video, Kevin Lenane sat down with Beet.TV to discuss the future of programmatic buying, and was also interviewed by MediaLink’s Matt Spiegel on using viewability as a baseline metric for campaign success.

Kevin - Beet.TV

While sitting down with Beet.TV, Kevin pointed out the importance of viewability and the need to work towards understanding viewer engagement. Watch the full video here.

“If you are a provocative advertiser you want to make sure your ads are carrying the most impact they possibly can. Because whatever your KPI’s are, you always benefit from viewers being more engaged and actually watching the content.”

In the interview with Matt Spiegel, Kevin explained that viewability is not a KPI, but rather a baseline metric. Watch the full interview here.

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