Addressing targeting in the cookieless world

04 March 2021

Cookies formulate our web identity determining what content is displayed to each individual. Up to now, third-party cookies have been the linchpins of audience addressability: gathering the data required to dynamically optimise creative, frequency capping, and retargeting.  After more than two decades of relying on third-party cookies, the concept of going cookie-free is a digital evolution. As the race against time is on, how can advertisers continue to target and build meaningful connections with audiences in a new privacy-friendly, cookie-free future?

The At-Home Audience: What the Future Holds for CTV – Webinar Recording

01 January 1970

It’s no secret that Connected-TV (CTV) adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. But what are the most preferred devices and platforms? And what are consumers’ preferences when it comes to paying for subscription services? On 16th February 2021, IAS joined forces with IAB Europe to host an Industry Insider Webinar. The webinar was led by […]

Native meets brand safety – Explore how native and brand safety can co-exist

02 December 2020

In the past year, extraordinary world events have spurred a huge amount of content creation and media coverage – but also boosted hate speech and brought to light misinformation and fake news. Marketers are seeking guidance on how to navigate the best environments for their advertising to appear in and brand safety best practices.  Tune in and hear from our panel of experts how our understanding of brand safety & suitability has changed in 2020 and what this means for 2021 and beyond.

Developing a data driven Facebook strategy

16 September 2020

Tune in to our on-demand webinar with Facebook’s Anna Erlandsson, Marketing Science Partner, Nordics in conversation with Paul Astbury, Business Development Director IAS, as they share best practices to help you maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook buys

Viewability Webinar: Seeing is Believing

01 July 2020

In this viewability webinar, Integral Ad Science helps you understand today’s challenges and define the best viewability solution for you.

Media transparency in the era of efficiency with Total Visibility

10 June 2020

Discover how advertisers can increase media transparency and take back control of their programmatic media spend with Total Visibility.

Scale your YouTube strategy with confidence

02 June 2020

YouTube has two billion users. Those users watch billions of videos a day and generate billions of views. Tune into our latest webinar with YouTube and discover how to deliver impactful campaigns, in brand suitable environments, that truly connect with your target audience.

IAS Coronavirus Ad Adjacency Study explained

13 May 2020

Explore the findings of our Coronavirus Ad Adjacency Study and learn how Covid-19 has impacted consumer perception of digital advertising.

Bots Don’t Buy – Ad Fraud Explained

23 April 2020

Bots exist to trick brands to pay for fraudulent impressions; and fraudsters are profiting in the billions! In this on-demand webinar, we explain the different types of ad fraud and how to effectively protect your media investment.

The Post Cookie Fallout

19 March 2020

In our “Post-Cookie Fallout” webinar we discussed solutions and best practices to help publishers maximize the value of their inventory in the wake of industry change and uncertainty. The shift away from cookie-based targeting is the perfect opportunity for publishers to identify new ways to gain from previously unmonetized inventory and maximize yield, all while maintaining the inventory quality that your advertisers care about most.

Are you ready for the holidays?

18 September 2019

Campaign performance is always important, but it’s critical during the holiday season. Brands needs to know that their ads are being viewed by real people – or risk losing the chance to improve ROI on media campaigns. Considering £17.6 billion was spent on shopping during the 2018 holiday season, according to eMarketer, the opportunity for marketers is huge.

Virtual panel: A 360 view of video advertising

17 July 2019

We invited industry leaders to a digital panel aimed at breaking down the larger digital video ecosystem. How can we can start taking advantage of the landscape that’s set to overtake traditional TV advertising in the next decade? With new innovation comes the need to establish lasting partnerships to achieve success.

OTT Evolution: Conquer the wild wild west of advertising

09 July 2019

In our OTT Evolution webinar we discuss OTT and CTV, what fraud looks like in this environment and best practices to protect yourself.

Webinar: H2 2018 UK Media Quality Report

07 May 2019

The IAS H2 2018 UK Media Quality Report (MQR) provides the latest benchmarks for viewability, time-in-view, brand safety, and ad fraud across digital environments and channels in the UK.

Industry Pulse: Advertising trends, technologies, and priorities that will shape the industry in 2019

07 February 2019

Surveying over 150 UK marketing professionals, the IAS Industry Pulse report provides new and unique insight into key trends of the year and the opportunity 2019 holds.

Avoid risky content. Protecting your digital investment.

24 July 2018

The news cycle is tumultuous, fake news is still proliferating online, and adult content is still pretty popular. Brand safety challenges abound and for marketers scaling their campaigns, the risk of winding up next to something unsavory has never been greater. In this webinar we explore the boundaries of brand safety and share tips to keep your brand safe.

Dig into the Data: Keeping your brand safe in a mobile-first world

20 February 2018

Every day more users are shifting their eyes to mobile and it’s clear that ad dollars have to follow them. But how can brands be sure that they’re making the most of the ad spend inside fast-changing mobile environments? We teamed up with MoPub for a webinar to help you understand the quality of mobile inventory, and learn new tactics to invest and measure your brand dollars.

Transparency in digital: H1 2017 Media Quality Report

27 September 2017

In this webinar we present the results of the Media Quality Report for H1 2017. Learn how to use brand safety, viewability, and ad fraud benchmarks to bring greater transparency to your digital campaigns. 

Make it count: practical tips to improve your viewability

06 June 2017

People are consuming more and more content online, but up to 50% of digital ads are not viewable. That’s a big problem for both buyers and sellers. What can you do to save your digital, and your bottom line? In this recorded webinar, we explain the current landscape of viewability and provide key insights into how you can boost your performance.

Protect your brand: how can you avoid inappropriate online content?

25 April 2017

In this on-demand webinar, we explain how brand safety problems occur, how they can impact both direct and programmatic buys, and what can be done about them. We will reveal best practices so advertisers, publishers and technology companies can effectively tackle brand safety challenges.