Viewability Webinar: Seeing is Believing

08/06 By IAS Team
viewability webinar


In this on demand webinar, Integral Ad Science will help you understand today’s viewability challenges and define the best viewability solution for you.  Today, advertisers face fierce competition, so capturing the attention of your prospect consumers can be really tough.

Guiding you through this viewability webinar are two experts from IAS, Catherine Dunne, Team Lead for Customer Success and Alexandra Mocioi, Director, Customer Success, Northern Europe, who share their insights and advice on:

  • The background on viewability and what it means for your advertising success
  • Today’s standards and the metrics you should be paying attention to
  • A review of viewability changes across media types, platforms and devices
  • Factors which effect your viewability levels and how exposure amplifies effectiveness
  • How to ensure your campaign viewability impacts your bottom line

The session closes with insightful brand research we conducted in partnership with Mediametrie, where three leading brand’s campaign data was used to understand how viewability drives brand recall and effectiveness.


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