Our top tips for DMEXCO 2019

09/02 By IAS Team

We’ve prepared you for the parties and lined up all the lunches at this year’s DMEXCO in our previous post, but we’re back! Check out our top tips to get you through DMEXCO with ease. 

Print your ticket in advance

Nothing smells fear quite like a hotel printer, so make sure you print your ticket ahead of time or save it as a mobile ticket to avoid queuing at the DMEXCO exhibition hall, Kölnmesse. However, if you do end up in the queue, why not check out our list of DMEXCO parties to attend?

Consider transportation

There’s no Uber in Cologne, so you can’t rely on a well earned 5-star rating to get you around the city. If taxis are your thing, download the FreeNow (MyTaxi) app, although we would recommend avoiding the roads altogether and getting the tram to cut your journey time to the venue by half.

Download the DMEXCO app

DMEXCO can get busy, so you’ll need a guide to get you through. Luckily, the official app contains information on all speakers and sessions, plus a handy map to get around. Phone signal is as scarce as healthy food at the Kölnmesse, so make sure you download the app ahead of time.

Comfort over fashion

You need a big space for all that content. DMEXCO is 90,000+ sqm and with all those meetings booked in, now is not the time to show off those new Louboutin’s. We recommend something comfortable, with a little bit of flair. Take Judi Dench as inspiration and you’ll do fine.

Look after yourself

With so much going on, it’s easy to skip lunch. Hall 5 holds the main food court, but many booths have tasty snacks on offer. Most importantly, make sure you keep yourself hydrated by keeping a bottle of water with you. Without proper hydration DMEXCO is an easy place to start the day looking like Jennifer Lawrence and end it looking like Mick Jagger.

Plan your day in advance

Make sure you plan ahead! Think about who you want to meet and see, and organise your schedule before you leave each morning – a day at DMEXCO unplanned can be as chaotic as Black Friday sales. And don’t forget to give yourself breaks between sessions and meetings – you may think of yourself as superhuman, but there’s no kryptonite like 9 hours of networking.

Keep checking social media

We’ll be keeping you updated with all the latest DMEXCO happenings on our Twitter, so make sure to give us a follow @integralads to stay in the know across the event.