The Power of Context, a UK consumer research

11/02 By IAS team

contextual targeting

In our latest research, IAS explores how context and sentiment inform consumer perceptions in the UK

The digital advertising landscape is shifting, and one thing has been made clear: context is critical. Previous IAS research has shown how consumer perception of ads is influenced by the quality of the ad environment. With half of UK consumers stating they would stop using a brand if the ad creative appears alongside low quality and non-brand safe content.

The context in which an ad shows up has most recently hit the advertising scene due to its power in effective targeting. For technology like programmatic, targeting a user based on the context of the page can prove highly effective – not to mention providing a viable alternative for cookieless audience targeting.

But how does sentiment – whether the tone of the content is negative, neutral or positive – influence consumers and their perception of a brand?

IAS ran an online survey to determine the types of ads UK consumers prefer to see in different environments, and how the sentiment of an article affects their feelings toward the surrounding brands and advertisements.

Download The Power of Context UK research to learn how context and sentiment inform consumer perception.


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