Staying Connected with CTV – Streaming Wars UK

02/17 By IAS Team

Over the last year, we’re all guilty of binge watching our favourite TV shows. Stay-at-home orders have got us couching on the sofa, flicking through recommendations and hitting play like never before! 

Connected TV (CTV) devices are in more UK homes than ever before. CTV is a smart TV or a device connected to a TV that allows the delivery of streaming video content through the internet. CTV devices provide viewers with a selection of content they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

But how can marketers tap into this potential? And what do consumers consider when it comes to streaming platforms and video-on-demand services on CTV devices?

Key findings

IAS undertook its Streaming Wars UK study to uncover UK consumer preference of digital video consumption. When it comes to the use of CTV devices and preference of streaming platforms, here’s what IAS found out: 

  • The overwhelming majority (90%) of UK consumers have access to a CTV device.
  • Almost two-thirds (64%) prefer smart TV over an external box or stick to access streaming services.
  • Seven out of ten consumers (70%) prefer to watch video streaming content via smart TV.
  • Nearly three-fifths (58%) watch video streaming content via their mobile device.
  • Half of consumers (50%) second-screen while streaming video, using their mobile phone as a secondary device.

Potential for marketers 

UK consumer consumption through CTV devices suggest that CTV will continue to see unprecedented growth in 2021. This was evidenced in the IAS 2021 Industry Pulse Report, which highlights the priorities amongst advertising professionals. The report found that nearly 9 in 10 (88%) ad industry experts agree that advancements in digital video and CTV technology will only accelerate the shift in ad spend from linear TV to digital this year.

There’s a huge appetite for CTV amongst marketers to hone in on the effectiveness of ad campaigns. For advertisers, CTV offers higher quality ad placements through enhanced targeting and richer data insights. IAS was the first partner to work directly with the largest video publishers to validate that video ads are viewable, fraud free and brand safe when running across CTVs. 

For more information, read the full Streaming Wars UK study or find out about IAS video capabilities now.