Reintroducing the IAS Quality Impressions™ metric

Announcing the rebrand of our MRC accredited metric “Qualified Ads” to “Quality Impressions™”

09/10 By IAS Team
Quality impressions

Today, IAS is proud to announce the rebrand of our MRC accredited metric “Qualified Ads” to “Quality Impressions™”. While navigating the digital advertising landscape, it is critical to understand the value of your investment to maximise impact. Our Quality Impressions™ metric helps you do just that: it ensures media quality standards for driving effectiveness.

IAS’s Quality Impressions represent a proprietary set of metrics that help ensure media quality transparency. To qualify as a Quality Impression, an ad must be viewable, by a real person, in geo, in a brand safe and suitable environment.

“Not all impressions are equal and advertisers continue to need an easy way to understand whether a digital ad meets their media quality standards for a campaign,” said Tony Marlow, CMO, IAS. “Rebranding this key metric to ‘Quality Impressions’ is exciting because it better represents the market need for transparency into advertising quality, which is a key driver of campaign outcomes”.

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