Moving open source SDK forward: IAB to assume governance of industry initiative

01/10 By IAS Team

In December 2016, we announced our decision to open-source our in-app viewability measurement solution. We’re excited to announce that the IAB will be governing this initiative going forward. With their leadership, we hope to make this solution a true industry standard.

Until now measuring viewability in-app presented several challenges for the entire digital advertising ecosystem. When we surveyed the industry to better understand what this meant, we heard:

  • Advertisers want more coverage, transparency, and credibility
  • Publishers and SSPs want easier integrations and better app performance for users
  • Verification vendors want more scale and standardisation, and faster adoption

Additionally, issues existed around troubleshooting problems and wasting time and resources when dealing with multiple, redundant software development kits (SDKs).

We realised that an open source SDK would address all of these points. This ultimately led us to our decision to open source our proprietary software, as our end goal was to create an open and single source standard that can be used by all parties. By having the IAB govern this initiative, this goal can be a reality. To learn more about this initiative, check out this IAB blog post.