Navigating Media Quality – Trends from H2 2020

04/15 By IAS team
MQR H2 2020

We have just released our latest IAS Media Quality Report, highlighting digital media insights from across 15 major digital markets.

Consumers and the advertising industry at large, have shifted their focus toward digital in 2020 and media quality took centre stage in driving performance and enabling brands to forge better connections with consumers. 

At IAS, we measure more than 1 trillion media metrics each day globally, allowing us to observe media quality developments in real-time. The Media Quality Report leverages this database to reveal global performance metrics and offers an industry barometer against which ad buyers and sellers can benchmark the quality of their campaigns and inventory.

Explore the report to check how your media measures up to the latest UK benchmark and discover: 

  • How viewability rates shifted across different channels and buy types 
  • How brand risk levels have been impacted the second half of 2020 
  • How ad fraud rates have shifted in the last six months
  • How long ad campaigns are in-view on average 
  • How the quality of your ad campaigns and inventory measure up

Our MQR is just one of the many ways we continue to provide greater transparency throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.

Get the key media quality insights now by downloading the full report below.