IAS Update: COVID-19 & Keyword Blocking

04/20 By IAS Insider
How to support quality journalism and take a nuanced approach to keyword blocking

On Friday 17th April 2020, the UK Government issued a letter to all brands. This letter from the Department for Media, Culture and Sport Minister acknowledges the challenges the digital advertising industry currently faces, and requests consideration be given to all sides of the digital advertising industry.

Brand safety and suitability best practices

The Minister calls for a “constructive, collaborative approach” and for all “to play your part in supporting the news sector by reviewing the guidance and your business’ application of it.” The Minister also encourages all to review the latest keyword guidance for brands, published by ISBA. 

In support of this letter, the IAB UK has published a joint statement from content verification partners, including IAS, to clarify positioning on this matter and show support of the guidance from the UK Government.

IAS has created a useful guide on how to limit keyword blocking and manage your brand safety in the current climate, called “COVID 19: Brand Safety & Suitability“. This guide will support the industry in navigating how to manage brand safety and suitability at this difficult time. Please do download the guide and feel free to reach out to us at infoUK@integralads.com for any further information.

During this time, IAS will continue to work with brands to ensure advertising campaigns continue to achieve scale and reach, whilst also working with news publishers to minimise the negative impact they are currently facing due to keyword blocking. 

For more guidance around COVID-19 and brand safety, please head to our dedicated COVID-19 page. 

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