IAS talks exclusion lists on BBC Radio 4 ‘The Media Show’

08/22 By IAS team

The issue of excessive keyword exclusion listing has moved into the digital advertising spotlight over the past couple of years, with some publishers highlighting the negative impact it can have on their business.

IAS data, recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, highlighted some of the most widely used keywords by advertisers. This includes perhaps obvious terms brands would want to steer clear of, such as ‘explosion’ and ‘crash’, but has recently broadened out into political terms, such as ‘trump’.

Lee Moulding, Head of Platform Solutions, at Integral Ad Science, discussed on BBC Radio 4’s programme, The Media Show, the lay of the land when it comes to keyword lists, including the issues that can arise, and how the industry can move forward to resolve these challenges. Collaboration and education, he concludes, is the answer.

Take a listen of the show, here:

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