Analytics Deep Dive: IAS Facebook Reporting

A new series that highlights IAS reporting and analytics capabilities

04/22 By IAS Team

As the digital industry becomes increasingly complex, transparency remains at the heart of campaign success. The need to understand media value and connect the dots between marketing efforts and results is driving conversations across the industry. Whether you’re focused on programmatic, identity resolution, or proprietary platforms, the call to action is clear: increase transparency, increase effectiveness. 

IAS has long been committed to expanding partnerships and innovating technology with transparency in mind. Our latest innovations are centered around transparency, efficiency, and customer experience. Recently, we’ve enhanced our visuals for Facebook reporting to help our clients better understand their media strategy, and smartly develop their Facebook campaigns.

Our insights for Facebook reporting validate Facebook strategy as well as guide future campaigns with IAS’s actionable, visual metrics. Specifically, clients are able to make mid-flight adjustments based on inventory performance, with granular filtering that enables deeper evaluation. Additionally, advertisers can compare targeting strategies between ad sets with side-by-side comparisons. This granularity takes viewability measurement from insightful to extremely actionable for advertisers.

For example, our clients can see which channels garner the highest time-in-view by inventory type and creative wear-out at the ad set level. With dynamic, visual reporting, advertisers can ask themselves, “Am I focusing my impressions on the most impactful creatives and ad sets? Which creatives are driving the highest levels of engagement on Facebook?  What placements are most engaging for video ads?” and see clear answers. 

The ability to leverage this information and analyse it against Facebook objectives gives clients direct insight into media value. As a result, our clients are better equipped to strategise toward their goals and make real-time changes to meet them. In the name of transparency and effectiveness, advanced reporting capabilities are essential. 

“The Facebook reporting has helped us in terms of making optimisations…looking at placement breakdowns and ad set breakdowns allow us to pull and push [impressions] to reach our goals.” – Manager, Paid Social at MediaCom

Learn more about our Facebook reporting capabilities here