IAS Coronavirus Ad Adjacency Study explained

05/13 By IAS team
IAS Coronavirus Ad Adjacency Study explained

In the midst of the evolving coronavirus pandemic, the advertising industry continues to seek guidance on how to best navigate these unprecedented circumstances. 

Advertisers have been quick to make adjustments, but it’s important to remember that brand suitability requires a nuanced, strategic approach. When it comes to advertising amid the current global climate, marketers and publishers are searching for a refreshed perspective on best practices for brand suitability. But where do consumers stand?

IAS recently undertook research to determine consumer perceptions concerning Covid-19 content in the UK. We wanted to understand how – and indeed, if – consumers are changing their online content consumption habits in this current climate. The data showed that the Coronavirus pandemic is shifting content consumption patterns, with 73% changing the types of content they consume online. There was, however, a mixed response in relation to ads adjacent to Coronavirus content.

Listen to our on-demand webinar and explore:

  • How Covid-19 has impacted consumer perception of digital advertising 
  • What role sentiment has to play in our response to advertising adjacent to Covid-19 content.
  • Learn what the country believes is, and isn’t, suitable for brands right now.

Listen to the latest webinar as Kate Grosvenor, Head of Buy-Side Sales from IAS, shares insights from our recent Coronavirus Ad Adjacency study. 

Download the full research here.

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