How UK consumer perception of data privacy is changing advertising

08/15 By IAS team
Data Privacy Context Matters

The ability to collect consumer data online has revolutionised digital advertising, enabling advertisers and publishers to better engage their audiences. The recent expansion of data privacy regulations from Europe and the U.S., as well as the shift away from cookie-based targeting, is perceived to have a negative impact to the digital advertising industry. However, contextual targeting, whereby advertisers place their ads based on its relevance to the content of a web page, is an exciting and highly effective alternative. But how do consumers feel about their data being used to target them online? What do they prefer – and how can advertisers best achieve results based on these findings?

IAS undertook research with 526 UK consumers to find out how they feel being targeted online, the use of the data that is used to do this, and how advertisers can continue to achieve results in a cookie-less world.

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