How to balance digital advertising risk and reach during a global pandemic

04/30 By IAS team

Keyword Blocking and covid-19


The whole world is adapting to the new reality of COVID-19 – and digital advertising is no different. The pandemic has understandably led to heightened advertiser sensitivity towards coronavirus-related content. Now more than ever it is important for advertisers to work with trusted partners for guidance on how to appropriately navigate these unprecedented times.

The ever-evolving nature of this situation calls for precision and tools to enable brands to make an informed decision about what is suitable for each of their campaigns. IAS has created a practical guide to help you balance your digital advertising risk and reach in the current climate. We hope this information helps guide you through these challenging times and provides a useful resource on how to navigate digital advertising amidst COVID-19.

IAS is advising consideration be given to supporting the media industry at this time of change in the digital advertising industry.  We continue to work with the UK Government, alongside key industry bodies, such as the IAB, IPA and ISBA, and other significant players in the ad tech industry, to manage the changes currently taking place across the digital ecosystem. We continue to work together with the ambition of supporting the overall health of the digital advertising industry at this trying time.

Download our Covid-19 Brand Safety and Suitability Guide below for guidance on how to navigate brand safety and suitability at this difficult time.



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