How to implement a brand safe strategy

02/16 By IAS Insider

Launched at the IAB UK’s Digital Trust Forum, the IAB UK’s new Content Verification Guide highlights key factors to consider when implementing a brand safety strategy.

With content verification at the core of innovation and development for IAS, we were proud to be one of the key contributors to this important and timely report.

Brand suitability and content verification are core to all corners of the advertising ecosystem. Some of the most important factors that need to be considered when implementing a brand safety strategy are the following:

  • Misuse or overzealous use of content blocking can be damaging for both brands and publishers. Brands limit their reach by ruling out safe environments and publishers struggle to monetise their content
  • Brand safety considerations need to be factored in from the start of campaign planning, as early as when choosing a buying model
  • A hard news environment is not necessarily detrimental to your brand, with research showing that brain response is very similar for hard and soft news stories. In fact, a hard news environment delivers higher dwell times and higher potential for memory encoding

To access the full Content Verification guide, download it here. For more information on content verification, head to the IAS website, or read up on our related blog posts, below: