Holiday shopping in a year like no other

09/23 By IAS team

Holiday shopping trends

The 2020 holiday shopping season is shaping up to be like no other that has gone before. Instead of scouring for deals in print catalogues, or visiting large shopping centres, consumers will be lighting up their nearest screen to find their holiday bargains, and hitting ‘Buy now’ on the perfect gift.

To help advertisers understand how to navigate the new normal, IAS not only delved into its vast retail data to identify trends in viewability and ad fraud levels during the holiday season but also surveyed consumers across Europe to understand changes in their shopping preferences and the perception of digital advertising for this “unprecedented” year.

What was uncovered will impact the advertising strategies for brands in the upcoming holiday season. Main findings centre on:

  • How do consumers prefer to shop for the holidays?
  • How does consumer’s holiday budget for 2020 compare to previous year?
  • When do festive buyers start hunting for deals?
  • How do consumers perceive online advertising in the holiday buying process?
  • How will media quality trends impact campaign performance over the festive season?

Download our study to explore how consumers prefer to shop for the holidays, how their perceptions of digital advertising are shifting and how can advertisers cut through the noise this year.