Google integrates OM SDK into their mobile in-app offering

08/19 By IAS team

Advertisers can now more easily verify their Google in-app investment at scale with their vendor of choice through the integration of the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK). 

IAS contributed its own proprietary SDK in 2017, which later became the OM SDK, unlocking the future of measuring viewability at scale. 

“This initiative has really proved the power of what we can do when we come together as an industry to solve complex challenges,” said Joseph Ranzenbach, Director of Product Management, IAS. 

“Google is one of the largest mobile in-app inventory providers in the world and its integration of the OM SDK notably scales the opportunity for advertisers seeking independent, third-party ad verification.”



The Open Measurement initiative, led by the IAB Technology Laboratory and Open Measurement Working Group, works to create a universal standard for app publishers to integrate and provide standardized measurement data for advertisers. 


To read the full announcement, please head to the IAS Website.