Faces Behind The Tech

12/10 By IAS team

faces behind the tech

Meet the experts driving our innovation

In 2020, technology has become a global lifeline for us all. From remote working, and seemingly endless Zoom meetings, it has helped people stay connected whilst they remain apart. At IAS, we saw that as the world changed, so did the digital advertising landscape, and as a result, online consumer perceptions and priorities are significally shifting.

Whilst 2020 has ushered in new changes, at Integral Ad Science we have continued to innovate. Our innovation is driven by the people behind our technology, and we want you to meet the Faces Behind The Tech.

Faces Behind The Tech

Meet the experts at IAS via our series of short videos where you will discover our key innovation and new products. From complex terms through to the latest acronyms, our experts clarify how IAS technology helps the digital advertising industry ecosystem create the best environment for a more digitised future.

CTV & OTT Explained, Glenn Perera

As consumers spend more time at home, they’re spending more time watching Connected TV. It’s a hot topic and in this video we explain how ad verification can help measure your success on emerging video devices.

Trust in programmatic, Akshay Bhattacharjee

Today, the majority of digital advertising is bought and sold via programmatic methods. Trust in the quality and performance of programmatic has become paramount. Learn how to ensure confidence.

Publisher Optimisation, Justine Fournie

Discover how since 2015, IAS has helped publishers to further monetise their inventory, while at the same time provide improved viewability and brand suitability for their advertisers.

YouTube Measurement, Paul Astbury

Over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Learn how you can place your video ads in the most brand suitable environment within the vast quantity of YouTube content

Context Control, Jan Phillip Hinrichs

To reach and engage your customers, the environment where an ad is placed is critical. Discover how our Context Control solution gives brands and publishers control over where ad messages appear.

If you want to discover more on how IAS is shaping the future of digital ad verification, then check out our Toolkits for more information: Social, Publisher, CTV, Programmatic, Context Control.