Brand Safety: The evolution to brand suitability

01/20 By IAS team
brand suitability guide

At Integral Ad Science, we’ve had a strong brand safety solution since our inception. Now, as the number of platforms and places your brand can appear rapidly grows, relying on safety is not enough. We’ve invested in new technologies that take into consideration the specific needs and context of your ad campaigns. Read below to learn how campaigns can reach their full potential with this new contextual intelligence solution.

Step 1: Target away from unsafe content

Let’s face it: there is a lot of content on the internet, and a large section of it isn’t appropriate for any brand. The first step to our solution is making sure that you aren’t advertising next to content that references the obviously unsafe content, like violence, terrorism, or sexual content. Traditional approaches to this step often cause over-protection that can needlessly reduce your available inventory. Our approach doesn’t.

Step 2: Target towards contextually relevant content

While safety should always be the bottom line, it shouldn’t be your only decision when it comes to implementing your ad strategy. With our new brand suitability solution you can now not only employ blocking, but also use contextual targeting to direct your spend towards content specific to your brand. For situations where there may be a gray area over the usage of the word, we’re incorporating over 20 years of natural language processing to scan for tone and meaning.

Step 3: Build your brand

Your brand is unique and your brand safety solution should be too. Our new brand suitability solution will allow stronger brand building and more customization than ever before. Create custom categories to run hyper-targeted campaigns for every vertical and demographic of your consumer base. To appeal to your human consumer base, you need real human intel to understand the nuances of language. Build your brand by finding the most impactful place to run your ads to build the most meaningful connections.

For more information, download our introductory guide to brand suitability.

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