Introducing Context Control: The IAS Suite of Brand Safety & Suitability Solutions

Delivering control through unmatched precision at unprecedented scale

08/24 By IAS Team
context control & brand safety solutions

In today’s advertising landscape, brands are searching for a solution that goes beyond traditional binary brand safety tools. IAS is proud to announce Context Control, which encompasses our entire suite of Safety & Suitability solutions. Our technology is more advanced than ever, delivering control through unmatched precision in classifying content at unprecedented scale. Control over where a brand’s message appears is the first step in making lasting connections with audiences. With a wide offering inclusive of brand-specific strategies, the Context Control suite provides a clear path to relevant content. 

With Context Control, advertisers can expect: 

  • Page-level analysis using machine learning and patented semantic technology for accuracy and precision
  • Proactive and end-to-end control with pre-bid filtering and post-bid blocking of content that falls outside brand guidelines
  • Comprehensive global coverage across 40+ languages and multiple channels and formats

Meaningful connections with consumers are more likely to be made when an ad is relevant to its surrounding content. In an IAS survey,  68% of UK consumers hold a brand accountable for the content that they advertise alongside. In other words, consumers expect brands to advertise in relevant, appropriate environments. Verification partners like IAS provide solutions to assist brands in controlling the places in which their message appears. According to an independent evaluation by Ozone, IAS’s patented semantic technology is proven to be 42% more accurate than the next industry offering. With sentiment analysis and emotional classification technology, only IAS can detect the author’s true intent.

“Marketers are constantly engaged in a zero-sum contest against their competitors to find the highest quality and most effective impressions for their campaigns,” said IAS CMO, Tony Marlow. “IAS’s Context Control changes everything for advertisers who want a significant competitive edge in unlocking the enormous power of context for their campaigns.”

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