The checklist you need to fend off undesired traffic

05/30 By IAS Team
Fraud Checklist

Digital advertisers understand that for their creatives to be effective, they need to be seen by real people, not bots pretending to be consumers.  According to the IAB UK, £2.3 billion was spent on display ads in H1 2018. Considering that fraud hovers around the 1% mark even when protection is put in place, we can estimate at least £23 million of that UK spend was potentially intercepted by fraudsters.

We know what you’re thinking – so how do I prevent fraud in my advertising? But, wait. Before advertisers can identify and prevent fraud, they first need to recognise the different types of fraud in which it is reported; General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT), and the extent to which each type can impact their media campaigns. Once this is understood, the right protocol and protection measures can be implemented, helping mitigate fraud and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

So if you’ve found signs of invalid traffic, don’t press the panic button just yet! Learn what you can do to fend off undesired ad traffic with the IAS Fraud Checklist, comprehensive guide to understand and mitigate invalid traffic on your sites.


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