Covid-19 Impact on Consumer Sentiment and Context

07/02 By IAS Insider

Whilst we may be nearing a turning point in the unchartered waters faced due to COVID-19, the advertising industry continues to seek guidance on navigating today and preparing for tomorrow.

To help the industry evolve at speed and prepare for the future, we have partnered with GroupM, Sky and IAB Europe for an informative webinar to discuss evolving post-pandemic and preparing for the future.

  • Katie Grosvenor, Head of Buy-Side Sales, Northern Europe, IAS
  • Stevan Randjelovic, Director, Brand Safety and Digital Risk, EMEA at GroupM
  • Aarani Saul, Digital Media Controller, Sky
  • Clem Birdsall, Publisher & Platform Lead, IAS

Tune in to hear how brands and agencies adjusting their media strategies to maximise ROI in these challenging times.

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