IAS Webinar: Addressing Targeting in the Cookieless World

02/19 By IAS Team

Third-party cookies are about to crumble as a result of growing data privacy regulations, and its demise through 2021 will remain top of mind for every marketer.

The IAS Industry Pulse Report, which surveyed digital advertising experts, found that for half (49%) of the industry, the deprecation of third-party cookies remains the top challenge in 2021, as we enter into the final year before Google’s removal by 2022. 

As the effects of increasing data privacy rules have taken hold, media experts are having to adapt to ensure compliance. However, 40% of marketers believe that their company is not fully prepared, according to a study by IAB Europe. In February 2021, IAS contributed to IAB Europe’s latest ‘Guide to the Post-Third-Party Cookie Era’ to help navigate and prepare for a post-third-party cookie advertising era. 

As the race against time is on, how can advertisers continue to target and build meaningful connections with their audiences in this a privacy-friendly, cookie-free future?

Join the IAS Webinar on ‘Addressing Targeting in the Cookieless World’ on Thursday 4th March 2021 at 10.30 GMT. 

Led by IAS Programmatic Director Northern Europe, Nick Welch, the webinar will explore the state of current targeting tactics that are at risk and strategies to help marketers transition into a privacy first world. 

Learn how media buyers are adapting towards sophisticated contextual targeting and first-party data to maximise return on their ad spend. Find out how contextual and semantic technologies can classify the meaning and emotion of content like never before. 

IAS research has shown that 68% of UK consumers hold brands accountable for poor placements, so it is paramount that the entire digital advertising ecosystem starts to take notice of alternative techniques. 

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