Industry Pulse 2021: The Most Unexpected Predictions

Last year, a global pandemic took the world by surprise and led to massive changes in all aspects of life. Together, we adapted to a turbulent year and have arrived in 2021 with both uncertainty and hope. In December 2021, we released our annual Industry Pulse report, which surveys industry experts about the trends and […]

IAS Webinar: Addressing Targeting in the Cookieless World

Third-party cookies are about to crumble as a result of growing data privacy regulations, and its demise through 2021 will remain top of mind for every marketer. The IAS Industry Pulse Report, which surveyed digital advertising experts, found that for half (49%) of the industry, the deprecation of third-party cookies remains the top challenge in […]

The At-Home Audience: What the Future Holds for CTV – Webinar Recording

It’s no secret that Connected-TV (CTV) adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. But what are the most preferred devices and platforms? And what are consumers’ preferences when it comes to paying for subscription services? On 16th February 2021, IAS joined forces with IAB Europe to host an Industry Insider Webinar. The webinar was led by […]

Staying Connected with CTV – Streaming Wars UK

Over the last year, we’re all guilty of binge watching our favourite TV shows. Stay-at-home orders have got us couching on the sofa, flicking through recommendations and hitting play like never before!  Connected TV (CTV) devices are in more UK homes than ever before. CTV is a smart TV or a device connected to a […]

RESET 2021 Wrap-up: Shaping the Future of Digital Advertising

On 29th January 2021, IAS was proud to support RESET, an industry first event in joint collaboration between the Advertising Association, ISBA, and the IPA.  With a notable line-up of speakers from across the industry covering a wide range of topics, the event helped shape the agenda for UK digital advertising in 2021. RESET brought […]

Quick Bytes Video: Brand Suitability to reach the right consumers

Quick Bytes video on Brand Suitability we help you stay up to date by bringing you a guide and how new innovations brings benefits for digital advertisers.

Streaming Wars UK: How CTV is shaping the future of content consumption

  It’s no secret that Connected TV (CTV) adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. Consumers are drawn in by the ability to watch their favourite content on devices and subscribe to streaming services that meet their preferences and budget. But what are the most preferred devices and platforms? We surveyed 514 UK consumers about their […]

Importance of sentiment

“The way you make me feel.” In our previous IAS Insider blog around the IAS Power of Context UK report, we discussed the importance of context. But ads related to the content of a page aren’t the only details that impact consumer perception.  Sentiment can also be a factor. Technology can be used to determine […]

Quick Bytes Video: Artificial Intelligence use in advertising

Watch IAS’s Quick Bytes video explaining the latest innovation in digital ad verification and our first video tackles AI and Machine Learning.

Introducing The Congruence Effect

In the last year, global events and challenges drove what felt like an endless news cycle. As a result, much has been said about content adjacencies. Advertisers seek to connect with consumers while protecting their brand; publishers, especially premium and news outlets, want to deliver information and quality journalism without risking revenue. So, how can […]

IAS 2020 Product Review and 2021 Sneak Peek

As the ball dropped, people around the world were understandably eager to usher in a new year. Before setting our sights on the future, though, we’d like to take a look back at some of our favorite innovations in the last year. But don’t worry – we’re looking ahead, too. Continue reading for our 2020 […]

It takes a bot to catch a bot

  This article was originally published in CityAM Alongside its early challenges and uncertainty around digital ad spend, 2020 has been a big year for digital advertising as the pandemic forced businesses and consumers moved online. City A.M.  spoke with Mayfair-based Nick Morley, EMEA Managing Director at online ad verification giant Integral Ad Science, which […]

Looking ahead: Top digital advertising trends in 2021

While many have long anticipated the end of 2020, we would be remiss not to discuss the top digital advertising trends we witnessed during an unforgettable year. Don’t worry—we’re looking ahead, too. Last month, we released our annual Industry Pulse report, which surveys industry experts about the trends and challenges they predict for the year. […]

IAS acquires Amino to unleash programmatic transparency

IAS is pleased to announce the acquisition of Amino Payments, a leading provider of programmatic advertising transparency. In April 2020, IAS released an industry-first solution with Amino to provide full programmatic supply path transparency and assure efficient quality media transactions. Given the success and adoption of Total Visibility, we are excited to welcome Amino into […]

IAS and the GARM Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework

IAS has taken an active role in developing and implementing the evolving GARM framework for brand safety and suitability. Between user-generated content, movements for social justice, political news, and a global pandemic, the digital landscape is becoming more complex for advertisers to navigate. IAS believes that ad verification providers have a responsibility to both assess […]

A contextual revolution for publishers

This article was written by Paul Nasse, Managing Director, Northern Europe, IAS. It was originally published in What’s New in Publishing.   “It’s been a year like no other.” I’m sure you’ve likely heard that statement every week this year since March. The statement also applies to the advertising industry. Specifically, publishers have been impacted […]

Reaching consumers through YouTube influencers

With stay-at-home orders and self-quarantines, consumers have spent the year searching for ways to keep themselves busy. According to YouTube, audiences have viewed more than 4 billion hours of “how-to” videos over the past 12 months alone. In fact, searches for do-it-yourself videos with “at home” in the title have seen a 700% search increase […]

Native meets brand safety – Explore how native and brand safety can co-exist

In the past year, extraordinary world events have spurred a huge amount of content creation and media coverage – but also boosted hate speech and brought to light misinformation and fake news. Marketers are seeking guidance on how to navigate the best environments for their advertising to appear in and brand safety best practices.  Tune in and hear from our panel of experts how our understanding of brand safety & suitability has changed in 2020 and what this means for 2021 and beyond.

Evolving the advertising industry to meet consumer behaviour

This Q&A was conducted with Nick Morley, Managing Director, EMEA, IAS. It was originally published in European Business Magazine. Competition for consumers’ attention has been heightened by the pandemic. How can business leaders ensure their advertising teams are focused on ad campaigns that maximise engagement? Nick Morley: “To maximise advertising success, business leaders should focus on the […]

Faces Behind The Tech

A video series, Faces Behind The Tech, explains ad verification technoloy and innovation at IAS. Covering topics from CTV, and programmatic, to YouTube.