Programmatic media quality trends

Transparency and trust are not new topics of conversation in the world of programmatic advertising. However, over the last 12-18 months, we have seen these issues return to the fore as transparency across the media supply chain has become even more critical for ad buyers and sellers, especially in a year defined by a pandemic […]

Analytics Deep Dive: IAS Facebook Reporting

As the digital industry becomes increasingly complex, transparency remains at the heart of campaign success. The need to understand media value and connect the dots between marketing efforts and results is driving conversations across the industry. Whether you’re focused on programmatic, identity resolution, or proprietary platforms, the call to action is clear: increase transparency, increase […]

Industry Voices: Q&A with Ed Pizey, Data Partner at Wavemaker

In this exclusive Industry Voices interview, IAS spoke to Ed Pizey, Data Partner at Wavemaker, who shared his experience and gave insights into how the agency is transitioning away from cookies by June 2021. Data privacy legislation is rapidly changing the way that advertisers are able to reach their audiences. With third-party cookies going away, […]

Navigating Media Quality – Trends from H2 2020

We have just released our latest IAS Media Quality Report, highlighting digital media insights from across 15 major digital markets, about H2 2020.

Quick Bytes Video: Supply Path Optimization for Transparency in Programmatic

In this Quick Bytes video, we guide you through a recent development in digital advertising concerning programmatic buying, Supply Path Optimization

CTV Brand Safety is Scalable and Available Now

Still waiting to tap into CTV inventory? Now is the time. After witnessing years of slowly growing adoption, connected TV (CTV) has finally accelerated into the forefront of media consumption as consumers’ preferred streaming device. In fact, 90% of consumers say they have access to a CTV device and nearly two-thirds prefer streaming video content […]

Grow Your Digital Career with IAS Academy

The constant pace of digital advertising and evolving consumer demands continue to make the digital advertising landscape more complex and bring new challenges for those in the ecosystem. While navigating this dynamic yet complex landscape, it is critical that marketers are confident in the investment of their digital ad spend, understanding whether ads have the […]

Your 2021 guide to the OM SDK

As part of the IAB Working Group for The Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), we are excited to support the expansion of standardized measurement to Open Web Video, available now for integration! The OM for Open Web Video SDK takes standardization a step further for all industry players and helps fill the gaps […]

Brand sentiment analysis: Why positivity alone is no longer enough

  This article is written by our EMEA MD, Nick Morley and was originally published in Marketing Tech News. Have you been using tailored, brand-specific optimisation that detects the true context and sentiment of a page to precisely and accurately classify content? You’re not alone. Last year saw an industry evolution from brand safety to […]

Addressing targeting in the cookieless world

Cookies formulate our web identity determining what content is displayed to each individual. Up to now, third-party cookies have been the linchpins of audience addressability: gathering the data required to dynamically optimise creative, frequency capping, and retargeting.  After more than two decades of relying on third-party cookies, the concept of going cookie-free is a digital evolution. As the race against time is on, how can advertisers continue to target and build meaningful connections with audiences in a new privacy-friendly, cookie-free future?

OTT vs CTV vs Satellite TV vs Streaming: What’s the Difference (with examples)

A foolproof roadmap with examples to see whether you’re streaming through a CTV device Consumers on couches are spending more time than ever binge-watching streaming content on Connected TV (CTV) devices, but have you ever tried explaining that to them? Chances are, many consumers are unaware of the differences between streaming devices, let alone the […]

2020 Holiday Shopping: Consumer Predictions vs. Reality

Last September, IAS asked European consumers about their shopping and advertising preferences during the upcoming holiday season. We wanted to gauge what eCommerce may look like during a time where in-person shopping saw major disruptions. As the holidays end and regifting begins, we’re evaluating how consumer predictions held up against actual 2020 holiday shopping data. […]

Industry Pulse 2021: The Most Unexpected Predictions

Last year, a global pandemic took the world by surprise and led to massive changes in all aspects of life. Together, we adapted to a turbulent year and have arrived in 2021 with both uncertainty and hope. In December 2021, we released our annual Industry Pulse report, which surveys industry experts about the trends and […]

IAS Webinar: Addressing Targeting in the Cookieless World

Third-party cookies are about to crumble as a result of growing data privacy regulations, and its demise through 2021 will remain top of mind for every marketer. The IAS Industry Pulse Report, which surveyed digital advertising experts, found that for half (49%) of the industry, the deprecation of third-party cookies remains the top challenge in […]

The At-Home Audience: What the Future Holds for CTV – Webinar Recording

It’s no secret that Connected-TV (CTV) adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. But what are the most preferred devices and platforms? And what are consumers’ preferences when it comes to paying for subscription services? On 16th February 2021, IAS joined forces with IAB Europe to host an Industry Insider Webinar. The webinar was led by […]

Staying Connected with CTV – Streaming Wars UK

Over the last year, we’re all guilty of binge watching our favourite TV shows. Stay-at-home orders have got us couching on the sofa, flicking through recommendations and hitting play like never before!  Connected TV (CTV) devices are in more UK homes than ever before. CTV is a smart TV or a device connected to a […]

RESET 2021 Wrap-up: Shaping the Future of Digital Advertising

On 29th January 2021, IAS was proud to support RESET, an industry first event in joint collaboration between the Advertising Association, ISBA, and the IPA.  With a notable line-up of speakers from across the industry covering a wide range of topics, the event helped shape the agenda for UK digital advertising in 2021. RESET brought […]

Quick Bytes Video: Brand Suitability to reach the right consumers

Quick Bytes video on Brand Suitability we help you stay up to date by bringing you a guide and how new innovations brings benefits for digital advertisers.

Streaming Wars UK: How CTV is shaping the future of content consumption

  It’s no secret that Connected TV (CTV) adoption has skyrocketed in recent years. Consumers are drawn in by the ability to watch their favourite content on devices and subscribe to streaming services that meet their preferences and budget. But what are the most preferred devices and platforms? We surveyed 514 UK consumers about their […]

Importance of sentiment

“The way you make me feel.” In our previous IAS Insider blog around the IAS Power of Context UK report, we discussed the importance of context. But ads related to the content of a page aren’t the only details that impact consumer perception.  Sentiment can also be a factor. Technology can be used to determine […]