Webinar with IAB Europe, Sky & GroupM

COVID-19 has presented choppy and unchartered waters for everyone, worldwide. In the digital advertising industry, it has been no different. Changes to brand strategy, reduction in spend and reactive decisions have left us all navigating the unknown. Three months into this global pandemic, the digital advertising industry continues to seek guidance for today, whilst preparing […]

Covid-19 Impact on Consumer Sentiment and Context

Whilst we may be nearing a turning point in the unchartered waters faced due to COVID-19, the advertising industry continues to seek guidance on navigating today and preparing for tomorrow.

To help the industry evolve at speed and prepare for the future, we have partnered with GroupM, Sky and IAB Europe for an informative webinar to discuss evolving post-pandemic and preparing for the future. 

Tune in to hear how brands and agencies adjusting their media strategies to maximise ROI in these challenging times. 

No Cannes Do! (Virtual) Conversations for Cannes Lions 2020

Usually at this time of year, the who’s who of creativity and advertising would be descending on the south coast of France. For 2020 however, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that the Cannes Lions festival is postponed until June 21-25, 2021. The decision to postpone this event was inescapable. Certainly, the cornucopia of creativity that […]

Total Visibility: Media transparency in the era of efficiency

In this virtual fireside chat IAS, Amino Payments, and Verizon Media discuss the emergence of an industry-first partnership between IAS and Amino. With Total Visibility, advertisers can take back control of their programmatic media spend. Moderated by Verizon Media, this premier virtual fireside chat dives into the importance of transparency into supply path costs and what the future of advertising holds.

Scale your YouTube strategy with confidence

YouTube has two billion users. Those users watch billions of videos a day and generate billions of views. Tune into our latest webinar with YouTube themselves and discover how to deliver impactful campaigns, in brand suitable environments, that truly connect with your YouTube audience.

Context Matters! New UK consumer research

For a while, we all knew content was King. And to an extent, it still is – but the new King on the throne is now ‘Context’.  Context is incredibly important in nearly all instances, but has most recently hit the advertising scene due to its power in effective targeting. For automated technology, such as […]

IAS Coronavirus Ad Adjacency Study explained

In the midst of the evolving coronavirus situation, the advertising industry continues to seek guidance on how to best navigate these unprecedented circumstances. IAS has conducted a research to see how Coronavirus has impacted consumer perception of digital advertising, and specifically, what role the sentiment of content has to play in our response to advertising adjacent to this content. Tune in to explore our findings!

Brand suitability with Facebook & IAS

The Facebook content whitelists solution allows marketers to run video ads alongside vetted in-stream video content in a brand suitable environment.

Types of Ad Fraud

Digital ad fraud prevents the proper delivery of ads to the intended audience, in the intended place. It can lead to wasted advertiser spend and damaged reputations for publishers. But what are the types of fraud out there? Look no further, as we explain the main types of ad fraud you are likely to come […]

Coronavirus Ad Adjacency Study: mapping consumer sentiment & behaviour

  In the midst of the evolving coronavirus situation, the advertising industry continues to seek guidance on how to best navigate these unprecedented circumstances.  Advertisers have been quick to make adjustments, but it’s important to remember that brand suitability requires a nuanced, strategic approach. When it comes to advertising amid the current global climate, marketers […]

Video Unified Everywhere

Today, the wait is over: two new video solutions are now ready to add to your current IAS stack. IAS is excited to announce the General Availability of both the Connected Television (CTV) Verification Solution and the Unified Video Tag!

Introducing Total Visibility with Amino Payments

  Now more than ever, marketers are looking for ways to ensure their advertising budgets are as effective and efficient as possible. Advertisers need to optimize toward inventory that is brand-safe, viewable, and free of invalid traffic, while ensuring they’re getting the most value out of their media budgets. In an effort to close the […]

The latest in UK Brand Risk

A deep dive into the latest data on brand risk in the UK, based on the H2 2019 Media Quality Report from Integral Ad Science (IAS). Advertisers are always conscious of the risk their brand may face online. However, as one can imagine, currently they are hyper focused on risk online. So what does brand […]

Bots Don’t Buy – Ad Fraud Explained

It’s 2020 and bots can call you a taxi, answer your most complex questions and even pick a playlist to suit your mood. But what they don’t do, however, is buy. Fraudulent bots exist to trick advertising technology to pay for fraudulent impressions; and fraudsters are profiting in the billions! In this on-demand webinar, we explain the different types of fraud and how to effectively protect your media investment.

IAS perspective on the IPA Bellwether Report

The latest IPA Bellwether Report has launched, capturing data from the first quarter of 2020. Potentially one of the most turbulent times for media and digital, the results were, unsurprisingly, very different to previous quarters.  The impact of COVID-19 led to cuts to all forms of marketing activity in the UK, dropping 6.1% overall A […]

IAS Update: COVID-19 & Keyword Blocking

On Friday 17th April 2020, the UK Government issued a letter to all brands. This letter from the Department for Media, Culture and Sport Minister acknowledges the challenges the digital advertising industry currently faces, and requests consideration be given to all sides of the digital advertising industry. The Minister calls for a “constructive, collaborative approach” […]

The latest media quality findings for H2 2019

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has released its Media Quality Report (MQR) for the second half of 2019. After measuring over 1 trillion media metrics each day, we analyse the data to provide transparency into the performance and quality of UK digital media, alongside global comparisons. In leveraging this vast dataset spanning devices, formats and buying […]

Managing digital advertising during COVID-19

Many marketing and publishing professionals are understandably seeking guidance on how to appropriately navigate today’s unprecedented situation that is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  For those questioning, “what should I do?”, remember, there is no ‘right’ answer here – each business will have its own unique perspective and parameters. However, there are actions both […]

Keyword blocking and COVID-19

The world is adapting to the new reality of COVID-19 – and digital advertising is no different. News sites are seeing increased traffic and whilst some brands are appropriately making the most of the increase in eyeballs, others may deem this pandemic an inappropriate time to promote their messaging. Even beyond the current global situation, […]

Ad Fraud Essentials Guide

We all know ad fraud is a problem, but it’s not always clear what exactly fraud is, how it works, and how we can eliminate it from the digital ecosystem. We’re here to make this complex topic easy to understand and address.