A “face-to-face” with Will Luttrell

06/17 By IAS Team

They say good business is all about who you know, and IAS is proud to know Will Luttrell: our friend and former IAS co-founder, and current Amino Payments co-founder. Greg MacDonald, VP Ad Marketplace Partnerships at Verizon Media Group, and IAS CEO Lisa Utzschneider recently spent some time talking to Will about our new IAS + Amino partnership product Total Visibility. Given our shared history and mutual commitment to transparency within the industry, it only made sense for IAS and Amino Payments to come together to provide an innovative product that gives clients control over their programmatic spend and financial transparency into their media quality throughout the advertising path.

To successfully navigate the current global climate, marketers are on the lookout for ways to cut down on unnecessary resources, all while ensuring their advertising budgets are as effective and efficient as possible. As the industry adjusted to the new normal, a huge transparency gap was discovered blocking advertisers from being able to successfully manage their campaigns and budgets. Recent research between ISBA and PwC highlights just how long the lack of transparency into programmatic spend has been around. More importantly, it revealed how much money advertisers are losing: the research took nearly two years to farm and finalize and shows that 15% of advertiser’s budget just disappears within the programmatic supply chain. No one knows where it goes.

Across the board, advertisers look for a certain level of verified measurement and transparency. But, with a digital industry that is constantly changing and evolving, it’s difficult for advertisers and their media partners to stay up-to-date on the latest releases, which, in turn, leads to a hard time staying integrated with the most current standards. Programmatic specifically has very little visibility into the supply chain, so advertisers are left to just assume their budgets are being handled responsibly. Total Visibility helps bridge the transparency gap within the programmatic ecosystem and lets advertisers maintain control of their budget every step of the way.

With our IAS + Amino payments partnership, advertisers will have full financial transparency into their buys, through the DSP to all the SSPs and resellers — offering a remarkable opportunity for advertisers to maintain visibility of their budget even when it’s out of their hands. Total Visibility provides a clear view of the supply path, giving advertisers unprecedented access to the financial impact of their wasted media. Marketers can now have real-time control over their campaigns, optimizing based on the financial impact of media flagged for viewability, brand safety, and fraud.

Watch our Fireside Chat webinar to learn more about the IAS + Amino Payments partnership and our product, Total Visibility.

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