At IAS, we surveyed industry experts about the trends, challenges, and technologies that will propel the digital ecosystem into the new frontier of advertising. Our goal was to discover how industry professionals perceived transparency and innovation in 2019, and the resulting impact it will have on their marketing trajectories in the upcoming year.

According to our survey, 89% of digital media professionals believe advancements in connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top video (OTT) will accelerate the shift of media consumption and ad spending from linear TV to digital outlets.

Verification solutions like brand safety, fraud mitigation, and viewability are taking the front seat, becoming more relevant and necessary to improve overall media quality. Brand suitability, in particular, will be in the spotlight–it is believed to be equally or more important than brand safety in 2020.

Another concern as we venture into a new decade? Data privacy. 82% of survey respondents agreed that contextual targeting will gain favor as new legislation (like CPPA or GDPR) gives private individuals more control over their personal data.

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