The 20 Most Blocked Keywords in August 2019

09/16 By John Bonanno

The following list compiles the most blocked keywords by advertisers during August 2019. 

Blocked keyword lists prevent a brand’s advertising from appearing next to content that includes those words and can be an effective form of protecting your brand reputation. However, keyword lists must be used with care, as overzealous use, alongside failing to refresh and simplifying keywords, can negatively impact the reach and scale of a campaign.

Check out our top tactics to ensure you make the most of any keyword blocklists, by asking the following questions:

  • Will my brand safety tool already address this content?
    • Blocking done at the content category level – such as, adult content, or illegal drug content – should be sufficient to block ads from appearing next to undesirable content


  • Do I still need to block this word?
    • Try not to treat a keyword blocklist as something that should continue to grow – instead, it should be checked and revised every month


  • Which keywords are non-negotiable for my brand?
    • Be clear on your non-negotiable areas of risk to decide which terms you will want to block


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