Tips for a Suitable Strategy this Summer

Top tips to navigate brand safety and suitability as news trends evolve

07/13 By IAS Team
brand safety covid

As coronavirus news has evolved, advertisers have relied on timely updates to navigate brand risks and access suitable environments. Now that summer has arrived, new trends have appeared. Here are our top tips for a brand safe and suitable season as COVID news evolves.  

1. Stay suitable with advanced contextual control technology

As news about coronavirus began sweeping the internet, content related to the virus reached a sentiment of about 60% negative and 40% positive or neutral. But by late March, stay at home orders had affected consumers around the world. As a result, online negative content spiked 15 percentage points, reaching 75%. Reaching consumers in a thoughtful, appropriate way is especially important during times of uncertainty. This means advertisers need technology that understands the nuance of sentiment. A Brand Suitability strategy that leverages contextual targeting helps advertisers account for the topics, emotions, and tones of a given page, which ensures campaigns appear in suitable environments without limiting scale.

2. Step into the sun

From March to May, coronavirus content decreased by nearly 50%. Now, advertisers have less risky content to navigate and even more opportunities to run in suitable environments. Paired with the increasingly neutral and positive sentiment of COVID-related content, the digital advertising landscape is starting to look brighter.

3. Be ready for anything

While the world prepares for the slow recovery from coronavirus, one thing remains evident: global trends are rapidly changing. Manual, binary brand safety strategies are unable to adapt to evolving trends and news cycles, resulting in wasted time and money. A holistic, multi-faceted brand suitability strategy with cognitive semantic technologies enables marketers to declare the contexts and sentiments that most effectively drive the best outcomes. In other words, an advanced brand suitability strategy gives you the flexibility to navigate uncertain times without taking reactionary measures. Protect your campaign with a Brand Suitability solution that takes sentiment into account— not just during turbulent times, but all the time.

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