Show me the money! Get Total Visibility with IAS and Amino

Total Visibility shines a light on the advertising supply chain

06/25 By IAS Team

Earlier this year, the ISBA released research that showed a loss of 15% of advertisers’ advertising spend to an “unknown delta.” The lack of viewability into the ad buying process allowed for hundreds of thousands of dollars to just…disappear. Following this research, an alarm rang out, calling for full visibility of the programmatic ad buying process. Brands should be able to undeniably quantify every ad they create, or else they risk wasting time, and therefore, money. IAS heard the call and partnered with Animo Payments to create the Total Visibility solution.

“For the first time, buyers will know the cost and supply path of every single ad impression rated by IAS, eliminating fraud and creating opportunities for supply path optimization and efficiency… This unique partnership will change how the industry conducts programmatic advertising.” – Will Luttrell, CEO of Amino Payments

With Total Visibility, advertisers are given radical transparency to more efficiently locate weak points in the programmatic supply chain, and make educated steps in assessing future buys. This single tag solution provides near-real-time measurement of every impression while identifying whether an ad has been partially viewed, mostly viewed, completely viewed, or not viewed at all. In a product trial with one client, a fraudulent URL was consistently flagged as brand unsafe. Thanks to Total Visibility, the brand was able to see those alerts and made the connection that 3.77% of unsafe impressions represented 9.23% of their total media spend. Within six hours, the brand excluded the domain and directed the spend toward more suitable environments.

With Total Visibility, IAS and Amino provide advertisers with the tools to verify their media quality, quantify the value of their media, and optimize the efficiency and reach of their campaigns.

Armed with a clear understanding of how missing impressions impact their budget, marketers can optimize their campaigns more quickly and effectively. Total Visibility allows for the optimization of campaigns, guiding brands toward a more cost-efficient and quality future.

Gain radical transparency into your programmatic buys with IAS and Amino, so you never waste a cent.

Learn more about our partnership with Amino Payments below.

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