Brand Suitability Targeting & Performance for YouTube with ‘Channel Science’

A partnership that gives marketers increased performance and efficiency on YouTube

26 August By IAS Team

IAS and Channel Factory Partnership

This week we announced our exciting partnership with Channel Factory. Our new offering, ‘Channel Science’, gives marketers increased performance and efficiency on YouTube.

Integral Ad Science’s APAC SVP Laura Quigley and Channel Factory’s Trent Silins both spoke of the partnership this week.

“We are thrilled to jointly announce the world’s first combined brand safety and performance optimisation solution for YouTube campaigns in the region. This solution will help advertisers in APAC who are seeking to run their youtube campaigns on brand-safe, brand-suitable content to positively target and engage their consumers,” said Laura Quigley, SVP APAC at IAS.

“With the increasing need from clients on visibility and the overall safety in the evolving digital landscape. We are thrilled to announce a collaborative partnership with IAS. Combining leading expertise, innovation, and technology in order to support advertisers with joint products from two of the most trusted YTMP partners. Collectively this will only further help in achieving brand safety, brand suitability, and ROI goals where accuracy matters, “said Trent Silins, VP APAC of Channel Factory.”

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With so many platforms and devices in the digital landscape, advertisers want streamlined solutions for media buying. Channel Science, gives marketers increased performance and efficiency on YouTube. Together, our channel- and video-level brand safety paired with Channel Factory’s expert curation of YouTube content has created a match made in digital heaven.

Learn more about how you can achieve YouTube Brand Safety and Suitability with Channel Science in the above video.

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