On Demand: Bedah Faedah Ad Verification: Viewability

‘Bedah Faedah – Ad Verification Part 1: Viewability’ Iklan digital itu dulunya sederhana. Kembali pada hari-hari ketika situs web lebih bersih, dengan jumlah format iklan yang sangat terbatas dan hanya ditampilkan di komputer desktop. Seperti banyak pengiklan digital, kami merasa cukup nyaman bahwa iklan yang ditayangkan disamakan dengan iklan yang dilihat. Namun sekarang, dengan meningkatnya […]

On Demand: The End of Third-Party Cookies & Rise of Contextual Targeting

In the face of stricter data privacy legislation and third-party cookie deprecation, marketers have to now pivot and understand how they can use their first-party data better. Join industry experts, Laura Quigley SVP APAC IAS, Rachita Pandya Shah Product Lead at Gojek, Arush Kochhar, eBusiness Transformation Lead at Nestlé, and Florencia Eka, Country Manager, Indonesia, […]

On-Demand: IAB MeasureUp 2020 – Why Context Matters

‘Building Resilient Advertising – Why Context Matters’ – Jessica Miles presents at the IAB Aus MeasureUp 2020 Conference

Watch On-Demand – The Future of DOOH in ANZ

Join industry experts, Jessica Miles, IAS Country Manager ANZ, Laura Wall, Head of Programmatic at Shopper Media Group, Phoebe Chan, Operations Director, Performance at Publicis Media and Jason Cooper, Founder and MD of Thorndyke as they discuss how advertisers can navigate their way through DOOH and what lies ahead for the ANZ market.

On-Demand Webinar – OTT: The Next Frontier for Programmatic

Click here to watch On-Demand Webinar Our SVP APAC Laura Quigley joins an experienced panel to discuss the programmatic opportunity for OTT;  how to unlock this inventory in a brand safe, effective and efficient manner given how larger than expected numbers moving to watch high quality video content on smartphones or ConnectedTVs. During the webinar […]

Navigating the Complexities of the Evolving World & Evolving Mediums

On-Demand Webinar – How to work with technology partners who can help you navigate the evolving complexity of digital advertising efficiently. Join Integral Ad Science’s Laura Quigley with Colleen NGO from Xaxis and Rachita Pandya Shah from Gojek as they discuss the evolving world and evolving mediums of digital advertising.

On-Demand Webinar – Short Term ROI vs Long Term Consumer Relationships

In a finite budget world, what role will context, creativity and connection play in balancing the short term ROI needs with the long term brand relationship with the consumers?

Join industry experts, Laura Quigley SVP APAC IAS, Kabeer Chaudhary Managing Partner APAC M&C Saatchi Performance and Asha Gourinath Digital Marketing & CRM Lead SEA Growth Markets, Grab as they discuss these challenges and how they are overcoming them in their organisations.

What does the Future of the Video Buy Look Like?

At the recent Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) OTT Summit, Integral Ad Science took panel on a virtual panel discussion on how OTT buying strategies are set to change and the measurement standards that buyers need to adopt to maximise revenues and drive measurable business outcomes.

IAB Digital AdOps Webinar: Transparency, Ad Fraud & Brand Safefy

On Thursday 9th July 2020, IAB Australia hosted their latest IAB Digital AdOps Webinar. In this joint session with IAB Tech Lab, this webinar focussed on the standards and recommendations in relation to transparency, brand safety and ad fraud. Hear from Jill Wittkopp and Amit Shetty from IAB Tech Lab provide an update on the […]

Total Visibility: Media transparency in the era of efficiency

In this virtual fireside chat IAS, Amino Payments, and Verizon Media discuss the emergence of an industry-first partnership between IAS and Amino. With Total Visibility, advertisers can take back control of their programmatic media spend. Moderated by Verizon Media, this premier virtual fireside chat dives into the importance of transparency into supply path costs and what the future of advertising holds.

Scale your YouTube strategy with confidence

YouTube has two billion users. Those users watch billions of videos a day and generate billions of views. Tune into our latest webinar with YouTube and discover how to deliver impactful campaigns, in brand suitable environments, that truly connect with your target audience.

WFA x IAS Webinar: A Marketer’s guide to digital ad fraud in APAC

Since the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge for Media Investors was first published in 2016, digital ad fraud has continued to appear in many different forms and shows no sign of abating. Across bots, pixel stuffing, malicious apps, and more, ad fraud has evolved in such a way that it can impact every element of digital advertising including evolving mediums and leading to erosion of media investment across platforms.

On-demand webinar: 2020 APAC Industry Pulse

IAS surveyed industry experts across Asia-Pacific about the trends, challenges, and technologies that will propel digital advertising in 2020. Our goal was to discover how industry professionals perceived transparency and innovation in 2019, and the resulting impact it will have on their marketing budgets in 2020.

The Post Cookie Fallout

In our “Post-Cookie Fallout” webinar we discussed solutions and best practices to help publishers maximize the value of their inventory in the wake of industry change and uncertainty. The shift away from cookie-based targeting is the perfect opportunity for publishers to identify new ways to gain from previously unmonetized inventory and maximize yield, all while maintaining the inventory quality that your advertisers care about most.

Webinar: 2019 Holiday Buying Unwrapped

Across the United States and beyond, the holiday season is the most important period in the retail calendar. During this busy time, campaign performance is critical, as it provides an opportunity to connect with highly engaged shoppers searching for the perfect gift.

A 360 view of video advertising: Webinar Q&A

Video content consumption is more fluid than ever across screens.  In our Virtual Panel titled A 360 View of Video Advertising, IAS sat down with industry leaders from Innovid, FreeWheel Advertisers, and NBCU to discuss the opportunities and challenges from a converged video world and stressed the importance of partnerships in order to scale the latest Connected TV (CTV) environment.

Virtual panel: A 360 view of video advertising

We invited industry leaders to a digital panel aimed at breaking down the larger digital video ecosystem. How can we can start taking advantage of the landscape that’s set to overtake traditional TV advertising in the next decade? With new innovation comes the need to establish lasting partnerships to achieve success.

OTT Evolution: Conquer the wild wild west of advertising

In our OTT Evolution webinar we discuss OTT and CTV, what fraud looks like in this environment and best practices to protect yourself.

Insights you can learn from: H2 2018 Media Quality Report

Watch our Media Quality Report webinar as we provide context for U.S. benchmark data from H2 2018 and arm you with best practices to improve media quality in your campaigns.

Transparency in Digital: H1 2018 Media Quality Report

In this webinar, our experts provide context for the H1 2018 U.S. benchmark data and arm you with best practices to improve media quality in your campaigns. Deep dive into viewability rates for video and display, brand safety trends and risky categories for marketers, and the key forces driving fraud today.

Tricks of the trade: 2018 Holiday Edition

To make the most of your programmatic budgets during the holiday season, you need to be armed with the latest insights. Leverage these tips and tricks to make your programmatic dollars go further, increase your ROI, and connect with holiday shoppers during this key time of year.

Avoid risky content. Protecting your digital investment.

The news cycle is tumultuous, fake news is still proliferating online, and adult content is still pretty popular. Brand safety challenges abound and for marketers scaling their campaigns, the risk of winding up next to something unsavory has never been greater. In this webinar we explore the boundaries of brand safety and share tips to keep your brand safe.

Transparency in digital: H2 2017 Media Quality Report

The H2 2017 Media Quality webinar features insights from our bi-annual IAS Media Quality Report. We discuss U.S. media quality brand safety benchmarks from the U.S. and around the globe. H2 2017, saw many headlines lauding the challenges brands face in ensuring their advertising appears in safe environments and adjacent to risk-free content.

Dig into the Data: Keeping your brand safe in a mobile-first world

Every day more users are shifting their eyes to mobile and it’s clear that ad dollars have to follow them. But how can brands be sure that they’re making the most of the ad spend inside fast-changing mobile environments? We teamed up with MoPub for a webinar to help you understand the quality of mobile inventory, and learn new tactics to invest and measure your brand dollars.

Tricks of the trade: 2017 Holiday Edition

To make the most of your programmatic budgets during the holiday season, you need to be armed with the latest information on viewability, brand safety, and ad fraud. Leverage these tips and tricks to increase scale without sacrificing quality and make your programmatic dollars go further, increase your ROI, and connect with holiday shoppers during this key time of year.

Transparency in digital: H1 2017 Media Quality Report

In this webinar we present the results of the Media Quality Report for H1 2017. Learn how to use brand safety, viewability, and ad fraud benchmarks to bring greater transparency to your digital campaigns. 

Make it count: practical tips to improve your viewability

People are consuming more and more content online, but up to 50% of digital ads are not viewable. That’s a big problem for both buyers and sellers. What can you do to save your digital, and your bottom line? In this recorded webinar, we explain the current landscape of viewability and provide key insights into how you can boost your performance.

Protect your brand: how can you avoid inappropriate online content?

In this on-demand webinar, we explain how brand safety problems occur, how they can impact both direct and programmatic buys, and what can be done about them. We will reveal best practices so advertisers, publishers and technology companies can effectively tackle brand safety challenges.

Transparency in digital: H2 2016 Media Quality Report

In this on-demand webinar, we present the results from the H2 2016 Media Quality Report, which covers key metrics such as brand safety, viewability, and ad fraud, to help you understand benchmarks for performance, and provide best practices on how to improve media quality on your campaign.