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Now available: Our Connected Television Verification Solution and Unified Video Tag

30 April By IAS Team
Unified Video Tag

Measurement of video and CTV has long been a topic of discussion for our clients, and IAS has been working for over a year on to develop solutions that address these concerns. Today, the wait is over: two new video solutions are now ready to add to your current IAS stack. IAS is excited to announce the General Availability of both the Connected Television (CTV) Verification Solution and the Unified Video Tag!

Why you need it

As consumers spend more time at home, they’re also spending more time watching video: nearly half of consumers claim they’re spending between 1-3 more hours watching video streaming services due to the coronavirus pandemic. The same is true for connected TV devices, as IAS found that nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer CTV over other streaming devices, compared to less than half earlier this year. As viewership continues to rise, the industry will need to adapt to support and measure holistic, cross-screen advertising strategies.

What you can expect

With the Connected Television (CTV) Verification Solution, gain insights into the media quality on CTV while keeping your most valuable video buys protected from GIVT and SIVT. Plus, with our Ad Quartile Completion metrics, you now have access to Viewability insights on CTV.

Additionally, to streamline your tagging process and save time and money, the Unified Video Tag dynamically responds to the environment to deploy the correct measurement technology, this single tag solution makes it easier than ever for advertisers to launch and measure video campaigns. Say goodbye to breaking out tags! Seamlessly measure Video Everywhere with the Unified Video Tag that covers all your video buys, across devices, including CTV!

If you are interested in learning more about our CTV solution or the Unified Video Tag, reach out to your IAS representative or download our Video Toolkit.

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