By now, you’ve probably heard of our biometric study on the Halo Effect, which measured how ads are perceived when they are seen adjacent to high quality and low quality content environments. But how does this data compare to other factors, like relevance and brand loyalty?

[REFRESH: The Halo Effect Study]

To get a sense of what consumers are saying about content and environment quality, we conducted the Ripple Effect study in specific markets, Singapore included. This follow-up study was designed to measure how consumer perception of a brand changes when it’s advertisements appear in different quality environments. Here’s what we learned:

  • Content Quality and Ad Relevance are closely related
  • Quality drives engagement, especially in Singapore
  • Singapore consumers hold brands accountable
  • A bad ad placement has serious consequences 

Download the full ‘Ripple Effect Study- Singapore Edition’ now to learn more.

Also available for download: ‘Ripple Effect Study- Indonesia Edition’.

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