Reflection: what lies ahead?

16 September By Stephen Dolan

Reflecting on a decade long journey of verification and measurement companies: what lies ahead?

Role of verification companies in cleaning up the digital ecosystem in the last decade


As advertisers expanded their reach into the unknown digital territory, marketers found that their brand was unintentionally and unknowingly being exposed to risky placements. Marketers, publishers, and platforms have turned to ad verification technology to help mitigate the risk associated with digital advertising. With IAS’s inception in 2009 began the rise of verification and measurement for the industry, marketers could now verify if they were reaching real people with viewable ads in suitable environments.

A few key players on the media and tech side of the table have been stepping up with joint initiatives and commitments of their own to address Marketers pressing media quality issues such as:

  • How do I satisfy my chief executive that advertising dollars are well-spent?
  • What resources can I deploy to help address advertising fraud?
  • How can I measure engagement?
  • How can I better control where my organisation’s brand shows up?
  • How can I navigate through digital advertising barriers to get results?

Not surprising that eMarketer data suggests that delivering marketing efficiency in this complex landscape is the top priority of CMO’s globally.


The next decade of growth for verification companies

Bad actors and fraud aren’t going anywhere – and they may even continue to trend upwards in the digital advertising space. But brands using verification solutions can guard against these issues and even increase their campaign performance and return on investment using time-based metrics and ad buys with quality impressions.

Looking back to the days of rampant credit card fraud, customers guarded their cards and account information with all their might, knowing that there wasn’t another, safer solution. But in time, banking and credit companies made significant advancements like multi-layer authentication, verification, 24/7 customer support, card blocking and more. This shift in focus from ‘negative’ to the ‘positive’ and taking care of the basics has led them to enhance customer experiences, which has served them well.

The same will hold true for the digital ad verification industry. The future success of verification and measurement companies will depend on their ability to predict, protect and proactively steer marketers away from poor media quality buys towards delivering ROI and helping them achieve business results.

Verification will continue to be the quintessential foundational step, but the process will not end there. Verification companies will be more like partners in the quest for connection with consumers, enabling brands to achieve their business and campaign objectives.


This article is written by Stephen Dolan, the managing director for Asia Pacific at Integral Ad Science, for The Drum. Read the full article.

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