Raising The Bar On Media Quality Standards With Subway Singapore

17 October By IAS Team


Xaxis, the Outcome Media Company and GroupM’s advanced programmatic arm, in partnership with Mediacom, today announced the results of a recent campaign for Subway which achieved superior performance of programmatic video ads over social video.

Xaxis and Mediacom worked with Subway to evaluate its video ads’ effectiveness across various online platforms, leading to the formation of head-to-head tests between video vendors and set up to compare the costs of viewable completed views (vCPCV).

Xaxis leveraged proprietary premium supply and machine learning to accurately predict and optimise to viewable completed views which resulted in efficient and intelligent media buying. The Subway video campaign ran across both Xaxis video solutions and social platforms.

The test saw a win on both ad efficiency and ad effectiveness with Xaxis’ video solution achieving a 93% lower vCPCV versus the social platform. The campaign’s viewability score was verified by third-party verification partner Integral Ad Science (IAS) as three times more viewable than the social video campaign. Additionally, Xaxis delivered more value for Subway’s digital investment by only charging on 100% completed view.

Overall, the campaign results suggest that Xaxis’ video solution drives more superior viewability results compared to social video ads and showcases Xaxis’ ability in delivering cost-efficient reach for Subway’s target audience.

“The Xaxis and Mediacom team have raised the bar on viewability for us at Subway. From the very beginning, we were delighted to see their passion in pursuing the best results for us. By factoring in viewability, we were further able to determine which platform achieves the best results in the most cost-efficient way, setting a precedent to optimise future campaigns. As digital advertising continues to evolve, media quality remains a leading concern for brands and advertisers alike with them calling for greater accountability in the industry globally. To combat this, Subway constantly evolves their metrics to stay ahead of the industry by reviewing the quality of their media buy versus cost.” Jennifer Ng, Head Of Marketing, Southeast Asia, Subway.


The article first appeared in Marketing In Asia under the title: ‘Adobe Study: Customer Experiences Key To Growth Of Online Retailers In APAC‘.

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