What impact does your ad environment have on your engagement?

Ads viewed in high-quality mobile web environments were perceived 74% more favourably than the same advertisements seen in low-quality environments. According to Integral Ad Science’s (IAS) biometric research, consumer reaction to low quality site content was neutral. However, IAS said that ads appearing on those environments were actively disliked. Ads seen on high quality sites were […]

How should marketers keep increasing mobile ad fraud at bay in APAC?

  Mobile ad fraud, which has been a concern since the early 2010s, continues to be a challenge for brands and agencies in Asia Pacific. Why has nothing changed? “Countries like India and Indonesia are experiencing massive growth in their digital economies, but this results in marketers being distracted with scaling quickly because it presents tempting […]

Facebook: Partnerships are ‘critical’ to brand safety

Tie-up with rival platforms in media alliance is acknowledgement that no one company can solve brand-safety issues alone. Facebook: ‘We need greater collaboration across the industry’   Facebook has acknowledged that greater collaboration across the industry – including with rival platforms – is the only way to effectively solve the pervasive brand-safety issues that have […]

IAS expands brand safety solution for Facebook ads

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has rolled out a brand safety solution allowing advertisers to ensure ads placed on Facebook in-stream, Instant Articles and Audience Network are next to content suitable for their brands. This integration is an addition to the existing IAS Facebook solution that offers advertisers access to actionable viewability and ad fraud data […]

What ad viewability is and why it matters for SEA marketers

Just because your ad is served online or in an app doesn’t mean people will see it. Here’s what viewability is, how it’s measured, and why it matters. Whether it’s hiding below the fold of a webpage or muted in the feed of an app, there’s no guarantee your video will be seen the way […]

How the BBC uses programmatic ads to distribute branded content

The BBC is leveraging programmatic technology to boost the reach of its branded content. The technology is reducing the back and forth and workload involved in implementing campaigns, according to Luke Fox, the broadcaster’s head of programmatic for the Asia Pacific. He said that it is freeing people up to spend more time focused on creative thinking. With programmatic […]

A Pragmatic Guide to Migrating to New IAB Video Standards

Whether you’re a digital advertising expert, or just a person with a smartphone, there is no denying there has been a huge uptick in video advertising across all your devices. And while video remains the fastest-growing ad format, most people aren’t chomping at the bit to figure out how video works. In this guide, we’re […]

The state of media quality in SEA

Singapore brand marketer roundtable sheds light on how to tackle trust and transparency issues in the industry and why getting it right is important for brands to scale the next decade of growth. Trust and transparency issues remain key concerns for the industry. According to the latest report from Integral Ad Science (IAS), consistent measurement […]

Reflection: what lies ahead?

Reflecting on a decade long journey of verification and measurement companies: what lies ahead? Role of verification companies in cleaning up the digital ecosystem in the last decade As advertisers expanded their reach into the unknown digital territory, marketers found that their brand was unintentionally and unknowingly being exposed to risky placements. Marketers, publishers, and […]

Enhance ad memorability in a content-saturated world

In a study conducted with Neuro-Insight to research the impact of suitable and unsuitable content on consumer ad perception, we found that ads, regardless of the message or brand, seen in a high quality context are more memorable.

A 360 view of video advertising: Webinar Q&A

Video content consumption is more fluid than ever across screens.  In our Virtual Panel titled A 360 View of Video Advertising, IAS sat down with industry leaders from Innovid, FreeWheel Advertisers, and NBCU to discuss the opportunities and challenges from a converged video world and stressed the importance of partnerships in order to scale the latest Connected TV (CTV) environment.

Cheers to 10 years of verification

IAS brought trust and transparency to the digital advertising industry for over a decade, and we’re excited to bring that momentum into the next ten years. To celebrate, we created a timeline with interesting moments in the tech industry alongside key milestones since our inception. Take a walk down memory lane with us, from our first media quality benchmarks to our CTV solution and beyond!

Quality Casts Powerful Halo Over Advertising Perception

Research commissioned by Integral Ad Science (IAS) in partnership with Neuro-Insight, a global leader in neuroscience-based market research, debuted today, highlighting the effect of surrounding content over advertising perception. Findings from the report show that display ads seen on high-quality mobile sites were liked more than the same ads seen on low-quality sites.

Tailoring your brand safety strategy

Brands invest a significant amount of time creating an image, cultivating consumer perception and fostering associations. However, in digital advertising, nearly 1 in 10 ad impressions is surrounded by unsuitable or inappropriate content that can damage brand equity built up over years.

Ubisoft Canada increases social ROI using IAS’s data driven insights

It is challenging to assess where the consumer attention is captured to drive better ROI on social buys, given the nature of mobile scrolling environment and fleeting attention span of users. You need data to identify, Which target audiences are paying attention to your brand and message leading to higher conversions? Which creatives had the […]

The checklist you need to fend off undesired traffic

If you’ve found signs of invalid traffic, don’t press the panic button just yet! Learn what you can do to fend off undesired ad traffic with this comprehensive checklist.

Real-time viewability insights for real-time optimization

The emergence of programmatic advertising has created a huge opportunity for digital marketers to more effectively reach their ideal customers, enabling an advertiser to bid on placements within milliseconds.

IAS CEO on the opportunity of new media platform ad measurement

Lisa Utzschneider tells CNBC’s James Wright what they’re doing to help marketers measure marketing ROI with new media advertising opportunities.

How ad verification metrics maximize the impact of digital media investments

Introducing Online Conversion Lift, developed by IAS to leverage ad verification metrics to accurately measure digital campaign effectiveness.

2019 Predictions from IAS

Our experts offer their best predictions for trends, opportunities,and challenges that will drive digital advertising in 2019.