Integral Ad Science Deepens Focus on Programmatic Transparency

19 January By IAS Team

IAS übernimmt Amino Payments

Integral Ad Science has acquired Amino Payments, a provider of programmatic advertising transparency solutions.

This acquisition deepens IAS’ focus on programmatic transparency solutions for marketers, including its Total Visibility product which provides insight into digital media quality and corresponding supply path costs. IAS and Amino Payments partnered to launch Total Visibility in April last year, which offers advertisers impression-level financial insights and media quality verification to optimise campaigns in real-time.

Total Visibility can save advertisers up to 15% of their programmatic media spend by optimising their advertising investments. With this acquisition, IAS accelerates its investments into programmatic transparency solutions. Total Visibility is now an IAS brand, while the Amino Payments brand will be retired.

“Programmatic advertising continues to grow at a tremendous pace, and with this acquisition, we’re bringing comprehensive transparency to the entire industry,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS, in a media statement.

Will Luttrell, CEO, Amino Payments thinks that the need for transparency will be critical for advertisers, as more digital media is transacted programmatically.  Emarketer estimates that advertisers will invest $79.61 billion into programmatic buying this year in the US alone.

This article was first published on Campaign in Asia