How the BBC uses programmatic ads to distribute branded content

18 September By IAS Team


The BBC is leveraging programmatic technology to boost the reach of its branded content.

The technology is reducing the back and forth and workload involved in implementing campaigns, according to Luke Fox, the broadcaster’s head of programmatic for the Asia Pacific. He said that it is freeing people up to spend more time focused on creative thinking.

With programmatic tech, Fox reports more effective and efficient placement of media. Using audience data, he said, is delivering branded content to the right people at the right time and resulting in less wastage.

“It comes down to the access that programmatic buying allows to additional channels and media – the industry is now looking at areas such as podcasting and connected TV applications as examples of this,” he explains to The Drum.

As a broadcaster spread across many platforms, the BBC can plug branded content into its ecosystem worldwide by ensuring that its programmatic, ops and planning teams form close relationships.

Creating a good user experience with programmatic creative

Laura Quigley, the managing director for South East Asia at Integral Ad Science (IAS), notes that if clients are running programmatic creative to entice users to click on to branded content, it needs to be personalized, relevant and reach the right audience.

The creative in a way needs to be an elevator pitch, she explains, as the brand needs to capture the consumer often with an engaging visual and targeted messaging.

“Much like traditional media the creative can’t work in isolation, brands also need to ensure the ads are viewable, delivered at the right time, in the right environment to the right consumers, to be more effective,” she says.


The article first appeared on The Drum. Read the full article.

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