Facebook: Partnerships are ‘critical’ to brand safety

18 September By IAS Team

Tie-up with rival platforms in media alliance is acknowledgement that no one company can solve brand-safety issues alone.


Facebook: ‘We need greater collaboration across the industry’


Facebook has acknowledged that greater collaboration across the industry – including with rival platforms – is the only way to effectively solve the pervasive brand-safety issues that have dogged digital media for several years.

“Partnerships are critical for this,” Facebook Asia-Pacific director of product marketing James Tan said.

Tan was speaking to Campaign Asia-Pacific a day after Facebook tied up with Google, Twitter and a host of the world’s biggest advertisers, agency groups and media owners to form the Global Alliance for Responsible Media. The premise of the alliance is for members to use their “collective power to significantly improve the health of the media ecosystem” by identifying specific collaborative actions, processes and protocols for protecting consumers and brands online.

Significantly, it is the first time Facebook and Google, the world’s two biggest media owners, have collaborated on brand safety.

The alliance is one example of how Facebook is opening itself up to partnerships to help improve the digital media environment, Tan explained. “We know that to be truly effective in tackling harmful online content, we need greater collaboration across the industry and with regulators,” he said. “We’re doing everything we can to keep people and advertisers safe on our platform.

“We know there will always be bad actors who will try to game our systems, and staying ahead of these challenges is our top priority and key to growing the value we provide to people, communities and clients.”

The platform has added brand-safety partners to its Facebook Marketing Partners programme for the first time this year to allow advertisers to work with third parties to manage their brand-safety controls for Facebook campaigns.

Last week, it added Integral Ad Science to its certified brand safety partners.


The article first appeared on Campaign on 19 June 2019.

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