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22 April By IAS Team

ctv brand safety

Still waiting to tap into CTV inventory? Now is the time.

After witnessing years of slowly growing adoption, connected TV (CTV) has finally accelerated into the forefront of media consumption as consumers’ preferred streaming device. In fact, 90% of consumers say they have access to a CTV device and nearly two-thirds prefer streaming video content on CTV over other devices.

When streaming, consumers are starting to look beyond paid services. In an IAS study, 76% of consumers said they were willing to see ads in exchange for free streaming video. Where are consumers looking? YouTube. And that’s not all—consumers are not only streaming YouTube through CTV devices, but they also prefer YouTube to all other ad-supported streaming services on CTV. 

IAS is a leading brand safety and suitability innovator with our CTV brand safety solutions for YouTube. Generating $2.89 billion in gross CTV ad revenues last year, Youtube is the largest U.S. CTV ad seller and has proven to capture consumer engagement. Our CTV brand safety solution for YouTube unlocks brand safe and suitable inventory, positioning your campaigns for maximum performance and scale.

Download the “CTV Brand Safety for YouTube” guide to get started.

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