WhatsApp ‘Status’ ads could be Facebook’s strongest advertising product in India

When WhatsApp launched their ‘Status’ feature in February 2017, it was predicted that the Facebook owned messaging app was opening a gate for advertisers to communicate with its users in an unobtrusive way. The feature allowed users to share GIFs, images, and short videos with a caption or filter similar to Instagram and Snapchat. WhatsApp […]

Key digital developments marketers need to prioritise in 2020

To navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and keep up with the competition, businesses are compelled to innovate like never before. Marketers are well-advised to think about where the industry is moving in the future and technology’s impact on their business, explore how to take advantage of the tools, technologies, and platforms to streamline operations and […]

20 predictions for ’20

A new year (and decade) has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what it holds. Here’s what our team of experts predict for digital advertising in 2020.

​Predictions: Digital marketing predictions for 2020

CMO asks the experts about what digital marketing will hold in 2020 Contextual advertising experiences a renaissance GumGum SVP of global commercial development, Adam Schenkel, said contextual advertising, the centuries old way of reaching relevant audiences by placing an ad next to brand or product related content, is set for a renaissance next year, boosted […]

19 favourite moments from 2019

2019 was an exciting year for IAS, filled with big changes and pivotal wins taking shape for our team. After celebrating our 10th birthday as a company, we’re heading into the next decade of IAS with our eyes set on the future of digital advertising technology. But while the last few days of the year are still underway, we’re holding onto the 19 best memories that we made in 2019.

Evolving brand safety to brand suitability: How do you find suitable spaces?

Guinness beer is renowned for its clever and resonant advertising. But is a focus on creative alone enough? Let’s take a moment to unpack the role of environmental context.

The 20 Most Blocked Keywords in November 2019

Check out the top 20 most blocked keywords for the month of November 2019.

Bringing greater brand safety controls to Facebook video

Look around. Chances are, you’re in the vicinity of someone—if not many someones—using a device to read or watch content online. Whether it’s the latest trending video or real-time news update, we’re consuming and creating content at an unprecedented rate. By 2025, an estimated 163 zeta bytes of data will be created worldwide—four times as […]

Minimising brand risk on a global scale

  This article was originally published in WARC.   It’s fair to say the media industry today is in a different place to where it was when brand safety challenges dominated the headlines in 2017. However, IAS research has found that almost three-quarters (72.7%) of agencies cited brand safety as the biggest concern in 2019. […]

The Ripple Effect Study- Indonesia Edition

We found that 79% of Indonesia consumers will stop using brands with ads that appear next to unsafe content. Learn more in our Ripple Effect study today!

Is the industry incentivised to tackle ad fraud?

Compromised, complicit or somewhere in between, not all players within the digital ad ecosystem are treating ad fraud as a crime. There are partners across the digital supply chain—brands, agencies, adtech vendors, publishers—that are deliberately profiting from fraud, and by extension, deliberately supporting organised crime. That money then makes its way into other forms of […]

Make a list, check it twice: a holiday buying guide

The holiday buying season is already upon us, and brands need to ensure that their campaigns will hit the mark. During this busy time of year, consumers are spending more time on their devices, meaning that digital campaign performance is especially critical.

The Ripple Effect Study- Singapore Edition

IAS found that 88% of Singapore consumers found it annoying when a brand appears next to low quality content in our latest Ripple Effect study. Learn more!

A global beverage leader perfects brand suitability with IAS

This case study focuses on a global alcoholic beverage leader with over 200 brands sold in 180 countries in every category to meet consumer demand around the world. Faced with the choice of pulling advertising spend from YouTube, a channel that drove the majority of its in-store sales, or accepting the potential backlash for brand […]

Buy with confidence on Facebook and Instagram

Find out how we can verify your Facebook and Instagram investment. There are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. That’s a lot of potential consumers you can reach and influence – with the right data. We offer invaluable viewability and ad fraud data across Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network inventory. Download this […]

The easiest way to buy fraud is to optimize to a click: ad fraud on evolving mediums

Ad fraud has been a major concern for brands, ever since the ‘methbot scandal’ hit the headlines two years ago. As fraud follows the money, the industry needs to be further educated on how to combat this as all media starts to be programmatically traded. At Programmatic Punch, The Drum brought together Integral Ad Science […]

Clicks vs. Bricks: Finding the sweet spot in your digital ad buys

Whether you sell online, in-store, or both, finding the balance between in-store aesthetics and digital advertising investments is crucial this time of year.

Creatives made for social drive better performance

A major logistics company partnered with IAS to discover the performance gap between made-for-social creatives and television-port video creatives.

The bots are evolving: Ad fraud in a privacy driven world

The IAS Threat Lab regularly conducts experiments to understand and decipher any new kind of bot behavior, including how bots have evolved in response to new privacy regulations.

Digital Advertising Horror Stories

What could be more horrifying than a bad advertising incident? These digital monsters come out of closets, eat up your money, and cause damage to your brand reputation that could keep you up at night.