Bringing greater brand safety controls to Facebook video

Look around. Chances are, you’re in the vicinity of someone—if not many someones—using a device to read or watch content online. Whether it’s the latest trending video or real-time news update, we’re consuming and creating content at an unprecedented rate. By 2025, an estimated 163 zeta bytes of data will be created worldwide—four times as […]

The Ripple Effect Study- Indonesia Edition

We found that 79% of Indonesia consumers will stop using brands with ads that appear next to unsafe content. Learn more in our Ripple Effect study today!

Is the industry incentivised to tackle ad fraud?

Compromised, complicit or somewhere in between, not all players within the digital ad ecosystem are treating ad fraud as a crime. There are partners across the digital supply chain—brands, agencies, adtech vendors, publishers—that are deliberately profiting from fraud, and by extension, deliberately supporting organised crime. That money then makes its way into other forms of […]

The Ripple Effect Study- Singapore Edition

IAS found that 88% of Singapore consumers found it annoying when a brand appears next to low quality content in our latest Ripple Effect study. Learn more!

A global beverage leader perfects brand suitability with IAS

This case study focuses on a global alcoholic beverage leader with over 200 brands sold in 180 countries in every category to meet consumer demand around the world. Faced with the choice of pulling advertising spend from YouTube, a channel that drove the majority of its in-store sales, or accepting the potential backlash for brand […]

Buy with confidence on Facebook and Instagram

Find out how we can verify your Facebook and Instagram investment. There are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide. That’s a lot of potential consumers you can reach and influence – with the right data. We offer invaluable viewability and ad fraud data across Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network inventory. Download this […]

The easiest way to buy fraud is to optimize to a click: ad fraud on evolving mediums

Ad fraud has been a major concern for brands, ever since the ‘methbot scandal’ hit the headlines two years ago. As fraud follows the money, the industry needs to be further educated on how to combat this as all media starts to be programmatically traded. At Programmatic Punch, The Drum brought together Integral Ad Science […]

Creatives made for social drive better performance

A major logistics company partnered with IAS to discover the performance gap between made-for-social creatives and television-port video creatives.

Digital Advertising Horror Stories

What could be more horrifying than a bad advertising incident? These digital monsters come out of closets, eat up your money, and cause damage to your brand reputation that could keep you up at night.

Pushing CTV measurement forward in a fragmented ecosystem

IAS partnered with some of the largest video publishers in the industry to develop a CTV solution that validates video ads played to completion and free from invalid traffic (IVT) on a TV screen.

Social Cheat Sheet

Our Social Cheat Sheet has the key objectives you should be incorporating into your digital strategy, as well as a simple plan-of-action to scale your social ROI.

Protect your YouTube investment

There are over a billion users – almost one-third of all people on the internet – watching YouTube videos. That’s a lot of potential consumers you can reach and influence – with the right data. We can help you measure viewability, ad fraud, and brand safety across YouTube’s inventory. With our latest YouTube Whitelist solution, […]

Raising The Bar On Media Quality Standards With Subway Singapore

Xaxis, the Outcome Media Company and GroupM’s advanced programmatic arm, in partnership with Mediacom, today announced the results of a recent campaign for Subway which achieved superior performance of programmatic video ads over social video. Xaxis and Mediacom worked with Subway to evaluate its video ads’ effectiveness across various online platforms, leading to the formation […]

The State of Brand Suitability

By 2020, a majority of survey participants say brand suitability will be equally or more important to them than brand safety. Why? The answers aren’t the same for everyone. In order to widen the discussion to the greater advertising industry,  IAS partnered with Digiday to lead a study establishing where industry priorities currently lie.  The […]

ZALORA launches a runway-worthy campaign with IAS, focusing on cost-effective viewable reach

A case study by Think with Google on viewable reach. To reach engaged audiences while making the most of its ad spend, ZALORA partnered with research firm IAS to uncover the best video platform for ensuring cost-effective viewable reach. The brand’s focus on viewability helped it increase brand interest and recall in two of its […]

3 ways your brain takes cognitive shortcuts when it views an ad

The human brain is capable of great things. As the most complex organ in the human body packing tremendous processing power, it’s not surprising that your brain sometimes cuts corners to save its resources. In psychology, this shortcut is known as a cognitive schema, a framework that our brains use to “help us organize and […]

Webinar: 2019 Holiday Buying Unwrapped

Across the United States and beyond, the holiday season is the most important period in the retail calendar. During this busy time, campaign performance is critical, as it provides an opportunity to connect with highly engaged shoppers searching for the perfect gift.

Trust & Transparency in South-East Asia: Q&A with Laura Quigley, IAS

As digital ad trading becomes a more fundamental aspect within the marketer’s toolset, and growth opportunities become evermore apparent, so are the concerns arising as a result of the industry’s complexity. Viewability, brand safety, and the even the underlying relationship between vendors, publishers, and brands, are under increasing levels of scrutiny. In this exclusive interview […]

Kraft Heinz: let’s measure digital advertising on brand value rather than cost

Kraft Heinz marketing head argues that conversations on digital advertising are too concentrated on cost rather than impact to brand, and that agencies need to step up  Agencies are growing increasingly frustrated at brands that are not prioritising investment in brand safety measures, but they are pitching the problem wrong, according to Kraft Heinz […]

How to power your Social Media Campaign for Success in APAC?

By Etienne Watrigant, Channel Sales, APAC, Integral Ad Science (IAS) According to eMarketer July 2019 reports, in APAC, 81% of internet users have a social media presence and it’s projected that by 2023, there’ll be 2 billion social media users in APAC! In accordance with these jaw-dropping stats, the potential consumer touchpoints for advertisers today […]