The new decade brought new challenges— some anticipated, some completely unexpected. In 2020, consumers stayed home, the media navigated global crises, and the advertising industry adjusted to shifting budgets, behaviors, and preferences. As we look ahead, we explore how the digital landscape of this year will shape advertising priorities and innovation in the future.

Every year, IAS publishes the Industry Pulse Report which predicts the trends, challenges, and technologies that will propel the digital ecosystem into the new frontier of advertising. This year, we’ve released a Japan-specific report based on a survey results gathered from 175 members of the digital advertising industry in Japan.

Here are some findings from the report:

  • Growing interest in contextual targeting as a solution to stricter data privacy regulations and third-party cookie deprecation.
  • Increasing importance of mobile as technologies and innovations continue to grow. As a result, this also contributes to 82% of respondents identifying ad fraud as key concerns across mobile environments.
  • Almost 80% of respondents agree that the advancements in digital video/OTT and CTV will accelerate the shift in media consumption and ad spend from linear TV to digital.

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