IAS now offers viewability and invalid traffic measurement across Pinterest

08/19 By IAS Team

In the time of social distancing and self-quarantines, Pinterest offers a creative outlet for users, opening up possibilities never before thought possible. Providing an inspirational launchpad for consumers, the platform presents brands with expansive opportunities in unchartered territory. And considering 82% of Pinners log on via the mobile app, up-to-date reporting is key for a successful Pinterest campaign. Together, IAS and Pinterest gives brands the transparency and confidence needed to effectively reach consumers. Today, IAS launched our new solution to give our clients the ability to measure Viewability and Invalid Traffic on Pinterest.

With over 416 million monthly active Pinners and billions of searches each month, marketers have the opportunity to reach millions of consumers while they are actively seeking inspiration. Our new solution offers access to daily refreshed Viewability and Invalid Traffic reporting for mobile in-app campaigns.

With this new integration, advertisers will now have access to:

  • Viewability and Invalid Traffic monitoring and reporting across promoted pins and videos for mobile in-app inventory
  • Independent, third-party reporting by IAS
  • Global measurement for a holistic view across entire Pinterest campaigns

Brands that create strong emotional connections with their audience can rely on a loyal fanbase and expect positive engagement. Brand relationships agency MBLM reported Pinterest at the top of the list of applications and social platforms in 2020. Accessing the millions of engaged and active consumers on Pinterest is key for brands to make these kinds of connections. Digital ad spend continues to increase, and competition for consumers’ attention closely follows. IAS and Pinterest provides innovative, up-to-date reporting aimed to help ensure brands can creatively connect with their consumers.

Want to learn more? Download the IAS + Pinterest Viewability and IVT one sheet.

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