Overheard at AdMonsters’ Publisher Forum: August 2017

08/23 By IAS Team

What are publishers focusing on in the second half of 2017? AdMonsters provided an opportunity for publishers and tech partners to gather and explore solutions to the evolving digital landscape. While we weren’t privy to the closed door conversations as a non-media seller, we have identified three key issues that are keeping our content partners awake at night.

Firstly, the need to protect their advertisers and brands. As the political climate remains charged in the United States, and as natural and human disasters continue to plague the globe, brand safety remains a top concern. Publishers have a need to monetize the stories they create, while protecting brands from damaging contextual alignment. So what’s the solution? Many publishers weighed in with suggestions, but all agreed on the following — custom packages with 100% share of voice (SOV) for the risk averse. Acceptance of third-party blocking tags. And careful examination of current and future inventory extension programs.  

Secondly, there’s just too much tech. There appears to be a singular solution for everything — “I don’t have time to integrate, learn, and implement all of these tech solutions.” We couldn’t agree more! It’s important to re-evaluate all partners and to find ones that provide holistic solutions, and quality customer support. Vendors that only address a singular issue e.g. viewability without layering in fraud, are simply an internet tax. Look for partners that provide automated optimization, and actively prove their increase on publisher ROI. Run tests before and after you begin to leverage various partners, and do a cost analysis. If your savings aren’t automatically apparent, it’s time to find a new partner.   

Lastly, the need for speed. There are too many tags, and that impacts publisher yield. A cookie here, a wrapper there, here a tag, there a pixel, equals a major drag on servers and programmatic trading platforms. How can publishers balance the needs of advertisers with reader/viewer satisfaction, and their ability to maintain effective yield rates? There’s no easy solution to any of these topics, but our best advice is to keep talking to partners. Identify places where you can cut tags, and give platforms and third-parties constant feedback so that they can work to increase the speed of their tech.

Overall it was great to hear from our publisher partners, it enables  us to continue to evolve our solutions to meet their needs. Dave Marquard, Vice President of product at IAS even sat down with Marc Boswell SVP of Sales Operations and Client Services at Business Insider to discuss some of the challenges that publishers are facing and how they have leveraged automated Publisher Optimization to address fraud, viewability, and brand safety challenges. AdMonsters is a great platform for publishers to address the issues that the industry are currently grappling with. These open discussions with publishers, technology providers and brands helps to drive the industry forward. IAS continues to look forward actively participating in conversations and product development surrounding the evolution of the digital publisher landscape.

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